Week 10 Tex Mex Doubleheader!

Despite ESPN Game Day giving UTEP the stiff-arm and instead going to see a 3-5 Tulsa get smoked by the Cincinnati Bearcats at the Nip, I am very excited for the last trip of the season. To be honest, all UTEP had to do was take care of business at FAU this weekend, and I bet Game Day would be coming to El Paso. Instead, they lost 28-25 and there went their bid to host Kirk and the Gang, despite an undefeated UTSA coming to town. Oh well, it will make the Friday night recovery easier if we don’t have to get up to wave our flag at Game Day.

This week, we are trying to attempt the very difficult same day double. That means driving up to Las Cruces Saturday morning to see Utah State lay the wood on New Mexico State at a 2 pm kickoff. I am hopefully the Aggies of Utah will roll over the Aggies of NMS so we can bolt out of there at halftime. It should give us plenty of tailgate time at UTEP in advance of what may be the best game of the weekend when the red-hot Roadrunners come to play the Miners at 8pm. I consider myself lucky to have such a big game at UTEP. Historically speaking the Miners haven’t always been good teams when I have seen them play before. That’s not to say their performance was not spirited – the New Mexico State Aggies maybe not so much. So, that’s the plan for this weekend.

As for my picks, it doesn’t get much worse than last week. Just when I thought I had Vegas on the ropes, I have my second 0-4 week. I had mistakenly thought that Iowa would show up against Wisconsin. That game was lost in the first ten minutes. Rice dragged it out later, going to OT before losing to the Mean Green. I got so wrapped up in the PSU vs OSU game that I lost track of Kentucky taking it on the chin against Mississippi State. That little gem ended my dismal week.

Some other random notes from last week:

  • Miami just jumped all over Pitt. You really can’t give any team that many points and expect to win. Not mention that the ACC Network coverage was brutal.
  • I want to support Cincinnati, but it is hard to argue that they look like a top tier team. They struggled with Tulane this weekend. Of course, so did Oklahoma earlier this season. One more reason for expanded playoffs.
  • Iowa State being Iowa State – no consistency
  • I am sure I have seen a team self destruct quicker than Florida did in the last two minutes of the first half against Georgia, I just can’t remember when.
  • Honorable mention to La Tech for the worst call of the weekend when they tried a bomb on 4th and three with 20 seconds instead of punting. ODU takes over, moves twenty yards and kicks the winner with no time remaining.
  • However, the worst call of the weekend was when SMU, after just tying the game with less than a minute to go, decides to kick off to arguably the best kick returner in the country, Houston’s Marcus Jones. Jones takes it to the house and there goes SMUs undefeated season. Absolutely a terrible decision.

There aren’t many match ups I like this week. I generally don’t like betting on rivalry games because anything can happen, particularly when it comes to the Armed Forces.  However, I have to believe that Air Force can beat Army by at least three points. Earlier this year I played the “Win one for the fired coach” bit and I got burned. Gary Patterson has left a great legacy, but I don’t think it will help TCU beat Baylor. I always bet the games I am at so that leaves me picking Utah State to cover 18.5  over New Mexico State. I don’t love such a big point spread, but I plan to leave the game at halftime so I will be cheering for Utah State to put New Mexico State away early anyway. I would like to keep the cheering and betting aligned on this one. I have a different take on the night game. I am putting my money on UTSA, but it’s an emotional hedge because if UTEP wins, the Sun Bowl should be rocking.

Other observations for the week:

  • If Liberty beats Ole Miss, does that tarnish the SEC and help Cincinnati? I doubt it.
  • Likewise, if Auburn beats Texas A&M, does it weaken Bama? Not at all
  • But, if Cincinnati only beats Tulsa by a touchdown, it definitely hurts the Bearcats Life is hard when you are a Group of Five team.
  • The game not too watch: 2-6 ODU against 1-7 FIU.

Good luck this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy my review of Arizona State.

Where we are at this week 10/6/14: Double Header Baby: Stanford Friday & Cal on Saturday

California Dreaming by Tree

So after taking a week off to celebrate 24 years with the wife, I am looking forward to heading to NoCal to catch what appears to be shaping up as two very good games. Despite Stanford losing a rough one to Notre Dame this week, the Cardinal is still in it with so many teams getting upset this week. Washington State comes in with a losing record, but a smoking offense. Friday nights lights it is – absent Coach Taylor and the Dillon Panthers.

On Saturday, Washington visits California with both teams sporting only one loss. With plenty to play for, this game should be a dandy. Washington’s schedule gets decidely tougher in the following weeks so salting away a win at Cal’s homecoming would go a long way to securing a bowl bid. Cal faces a similar situation so a win this weekend is key for them as well.

Random Thoughts from this last weekend.

After a beautiful, brisk morning autumn walk with the wife and dog, I went to the kitchen to pour myself the breakfast of champions, fresh banana and all. After pouring on the milk, I look at the Wheaties box and who’s smiling mug do I see? Adrian Peterson extolling his “All Day” foundation and how it encourages at-risk youth to achieve success. So it begs the question, how many times have his kids heard that he can go “ALL DAY!”? Ouch!


Observations from this week:

Kudos to ESPN’s College Football Final for once again filling in all the holes for me this weekend. Put it on the DVR with an extended window because you never know what overtime game is going to preempt it. Then on Sunday morning, chill with a nice pumpkin spice latte while catching up on everything you have missed.

  • Maybe PSU’s loss to Northwestern wasn’t as bad as it seemed after the Wildcats stole one from Wisconsin.
  • Don’t kid yourself Aggies, it wasn’t even close.
  • Great downfield blocking by what I am guessing was MSU’s tight end on their touchdown scoring reverse. Fantastic
  • The last time there were this many upsets of top 5 teams I had a full head of hair and had just gotten married. And I say washboard abs, but my wife tells me those never existed. That’s what 24 years gets you. Brutal honesty.
  • So close UMass, yet so far away…..
  • How many realtors are going to call the Michigan football offices tomorrow?
  • East Carolina is going to be the team nobody wants to play in a bowl game.
  • Curse you USC db’s for reviving all the goofs at ESPN saying “knock it down!”
  • Looking forward to seeing how Baylor does against a real team. Hopefully the Horned Frogs of TCU don’t have a let down.
  • Lastly, that South Carolina Review is coming but the more they lose, the worse the review will get.


Coming out of hibernation 3/8/2014

Enough of the snow already by Tree.

After a much needed two month layoff from college football, SoManyStadiums.com comes out of hibernation. In the next coming months, we will be updating the site with lagging stadium reviews including Navy, WVU and a guest review of Fla. State in Spanish no less. In addition, we will be making continued improvements including an Insiders section with exclusive data and media. Don’t expect a rush of new posts because I need to continue to make deposits in the marriage stability bank. However, we should have something every couple of weeks until we really heat up in late July.

I was planning on posting my year end summary but in a tribute to friend of the site, Jesse Howell, who’s moving on to bigger and better things, I focused on posting the review of Ohio State. Check it out, the site could use the hits.

Week of 11/25/2013

Wrap up of Last Week:

Week:Tree expanded both his and his team’s lead by completing a rare triple weekend. That was unfortunately thing rare about the weekend. All games were blowouts as expected. However, he was very impressed with University of Central Florida, both the team and the overall experience. FAU also looked good, but how could they not when they are playing the hapless Aggies of New Mexico State in sunny Boca Raton, FL? The last game was a real stinker. He and the other 1,000 or so fans at FIU should have asked for their money back.

Where we are this Week:

Nobody is on the road this week. Tree had big aspirations to pick up two games in the midwest, but winter storm Boreas ruined that plan. Best to just sit at home, eat turkey and watch football where it safe and warm.

Happy Thanksgiving from Everyone here at SoManyStadiums.com!

Week of 10/21/2013

Wrap Up for Previous Week

Tree had what was setting up for an epic Saturday with plans to hit SC at Tenn followed by the biggest game of the year so far, Fla. State vs Clemson. Unfortunately, Clemson forgot to show up for the game leaving Tree to witness a truly awful display of football by the Tigers. However, two valuable lessons were learned.

One, if you are going to spend $200 on a ticket, you might as well spend $250 and get a decent seat.With seats at the top of Clemson Memorial Stadium, Tree was tweeting for a sherpa and some oxygen.

Two, when you’ve got a marquee game on the docket, there’s no sense in trying to cram in a second game before and after. You might as well dedicate the entire day to the one game so you can enjoy all the festivities before and after the game.

With the rest of SoManyStadiums crew idle, Tree increased the Shady Tree team to a whopping 56 stadiums, 20 more than Momo/Pat.

This Week

All is quiet this week, with everyone idle. Tree was going to do a long weekend, hitting MTSU on Thursday and Appalachian State on Saturday. However, he has said he can’t take another 20+ hours of driving. Rumor is he still might sneak up to Maryland to tailgate with some old friends. He vows not to go to the game unless a ticket can by had for $20.

Other News:

If you see this vehicle on the road, give it a friendly honk or wave. It’s Tree off to another game.

Car Magnet applied