Turns out it is an exhibition not a competition

When I started this journey to hit all FBS stadiums, it was a bet. It wasn’t even my idea. It was a couple of old lunch time buddies who included me, even though I had already moved to another office halfway across the country. It was a race between two teams of two guys to see who could get to them all first. It didn’t take long for the other team to basically give up. However, I was having so much fun, I figured I might as well make a run to hit them all myself.

That was about ten years ago and since then, I have learned that I am not alone. First, there was Pat Yarber, who I saw on an ESPN segment way back in 2013. He was just about to finish visiting all the stadiums which was 125 at the time. It was bittersweet as the poor guy had gone legally blind in the process. Kudos to him for finishing it up despite that challenge.

Since then, I would come across folks that were doing similar type things like hitting all the MLB stadiums, which was pretty common. There were others though. Like my colleague Jimmie James who hit all of Golf Digest’s top 100 courses in a year or another friend of mine who was hitting all the national parks. As I visit stadiums, it wouldn’t be uncommon to meet folks that were trying to get to all of a certain conference, often times following their local team. I met my buddy and Penn State alum Drew at the PSU vs Illinois game a few years back as he was working on his list. And occasionally, I would be at the second half of a double header weekend and see someone from an earlier game that weekend. As an example, I saw two guys at the USC game noon game, then on the metro over to Pasadena for UCLA game that night, then at a restaurant, and finally in the stands at the Rose Bowl.

This year, however, any thoughts of me being unique on this quest were completely eliminated. First, at another double header weekend, a guy game over to our tailgate at UTEP wearing the same shirt as me. He looked at my banner listing my teams and he said he had just come from New Mexico State. He was doing the same thing (and apparently collecting t-shirts like me) and his number was at 53. It made me feel pretty good that I was comfortably ahead of him at 94.  That confidence was short lived when multiple friends sent me articles on two other guys in the mix. One was done. Clark Humble hit all the stadiums in just over five years. To be fair he was retired, but I had to admit his effort was exceptional. I also found out about Frank Lipchick, who was very close to finishing up his quest. He was at 124 stadiums. As Frank is a Yinzer and I am a CMU grad, I felt compelled to get ahold of him.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but we had a lot in common, from how we scheduled games to the experiences we have had. Frank has been retired for some time, but he is also a Pitt fan. As is such, he is committed to going to every home Pitt game and had to work his games around that constraint. Frank told me that he should be able to get all his games in this year, including JMU who is jumping to the FBS a year earlier than planned. The other teams he has left are Wyoming, Texas Tech, Florida State, Georgia, San Diego State and North Texas. I actually have both Wyoming and Texas Tech on my schedule this year as well, but it doesn’t look like we will be at the same games.

Frank told me that some times his wife joins him for the games and some times he is alone. He prefers to buy his tickets direct from the school, but has bought them from scalpers and online as well. And just like me, he’s always happy to get hooked with the occasional free ticket. Some of his favorite games include Louisiana Tech, where he got to sit in the Press Box. Oddly enough, I, too, was able to sit in the press box at La Tech when I was there. I attribute this to the considerable kindness of Louisiana fans, and not perhaps a lack of qualified writers to fill the press box on any given Saturday. Some his other favorite game memories include attending the grand opening of Baylor’s McLane Stadium and a raucous game at LSU where everything came together in mix of football and fandom. He, of course, has had the occasional dud like a cold and rainy game at Liberty. I can relate, having had my share wet and cold games, and near the Blue Ridge Mountains too. And like me, Frank doesn’t just collect memories but also souvenirs, his being shot glasses. In the end, though, we both agree it is really about the memories.

See you in the cheap seats,


Coming out of hibernation 2022

And we’re back.

As much as I love the college football season, I always enjoy my annual winter hibernation. While I would never call it a grind, I do need a period of downtime to rest after the season and re-populate the time “bank” with my wife. She is generally supportive of this crazy journey, but only to a point. That’s one reason why I almost never go to Bowl Games. There’s not a lot of currency left in the Matrimonial Savings and Loan at the end of the season.

That being said, I have already outlined my 2022 season. This is much earlier than usual mainly because I really want to focus on the Mountain West, that is to say anything west of the Mississippi and east of the Rockies. I do have some outliers, but that’s the primary focus. It is a season that requires some serious logistical planning and alignment with friends and family.

Other than that my offseason has been about contemplating why the SoManyStadiums facebook page is so popular with Indian programmers. I seem to pick about 8 -10 followers from India a week. Okay, so I know why they are following. They love college football in Mumbai.

Upcoming offseason topics include playoff expansion, NILs, and a different perspective on hitting all the stadiums.

That’s all I’ve got. Hibernation makes me hungry. Gotta get fed before I dish out the good stuff.


2021 Year in Review

2021 is in the books. After the train wreck that was 2020, it was great to get back at it. I hit nine stadiums, but one, Texas A&M, was a repeat. I have to be honest, I don’t think I wore a mask at any game this year. It’s not that I am against mask wearing, but I was vaccinated and boosted. Plus, we were outside although it was pretty close quarters for a few of the games. I figured the occasional shot of whiskey at a tailgate would give the Corona a good run for its money. At the end of the day, I apologize to the immunocompromised (which is about 3% of the population) but as for the rest of the unvaccinated, eh. Honestly though, the impact of the virus was fairly muted until late in the season. It was not an issue anywhere I went.

I opened the season with a scintillating double header for Labor Day weekend. First stop was Ohio State at Minnesota for a rare Thursday Big 10 game. Before that though, was a stop at the state fair where I ate and drank too much. I also spent fifteen minutes on local Minneapolis sports radio at the fair. My buddy Doug joined me for the game where the Gophers hung with the Buckeyes until late in the 4th quarter. It was a great way to kick off the season. Friday was a travel day to Madison where we ended our evening looking over Lake Mendota and enjoying pitchers of Spotted Cow with our great friends Karen and Dan. Madison has a reputation as a great college town and it did not disappoint. Camp Randall was a great experience. The only downer was that Penn State pulled out the victory with an game ending end zone interception. Jump around indeed.



The following weekend was a short run up to College Station to see Texas A&M roll over New Mexico. This was more a practice tailgating run to make sure I worked out all the kinks than about the game. Luckily, I had Aggie Super Fan Kurt with me to refresh my memory of the A&M traditions of which there are many. This prep work paid dividends as the tailgating at OU the next week went off without a hitch. The game was a great one and again came down to the wire. The Sooners kicked a field goal as time expired to win it. Despite our planning, Que, another frequent somanystadiums participant, and I agreed that we botched the weekend timeline. We were both impressed with Oklahoma City enough that we regretted not arriving Friday night.

After the mad rush of games, a three weekend break wasn’t just welcomed, it was needed, especially because the next weekend was South Florida at SMU for the annual Nine O’clock Club get-together. While we weren’t willing to fork out a grand to get a tailgate spot on the Boulevard, we made the best of the weekend, partying with old and new friends. Speaking of new friends, as is the Wisconsin way, when Dane learned we were heading to ASU later in the season, he provided an immediate tailgating connection with the Sun Devils. We met Rocky and his tailgating crew in a prime spot right in front of Sun Devil Stadium. He filled us up with great food and drink and added in a ticket to boot. We had a great time watching the Sun Devils rout the Stanford Cardinal. The next day, perhaps a bit later than planned, we headed on down to Tucson to see UCLA thump Arizona. We probably didn’t give the Wildcats their full due, but it’s not like their reputation warranted it.

About a month later, I wrapped up the season with a surprise double header. I say surprise because when I scheduled a trip to El Paso to see the Miners host the Roadrunners, I knew there was also a game at New Mexico State just up the road. However, the preliminary schedule had the kickoffs only an hour apart and that wasn’t going to work. Thankfully, a red hot UTSA team made the game good enough to be switched to prime time. I was back in the double header business. Unfortunately, New Mexico State and UTEP were given the business by Utah State and UTSA respectively. What was more surprising was the level to which New Mexico exceeded expectations and UTEP did not.




Games and Teams

Total Games Attended: 9, up 1 from 2019

Best Team Seen: #5, Ohio State

Final AP Top Twenty-Five Teams Seen: 3  (Ohio State, Oklahoma #10, Utah State #24)

Worst Team: 1 -11 Arizona, (#4 in the Bottom 10). Also making the list: UTSA (for getting upset by North Texas State and losing a chance at a New Year’s Day bowl), South Florida and New Mexico State. I continue to excel at seeing some of the worst teams in the country.

Best Game Seen: PSU 16 – Wisconsin 10, 9/4/21. – Great finish in a great environment.

Worst Game Seen:  Texas A&M 34 – New Mexico 0 – ho-hum.

Bowl Game Teams Seen: 13 but some didn’t actual end up playing thanks to Covid.

The Players

College Award winners seen: One, Wuerffel Trophy (Community Service Leadership): Isaiah Sanders, Stanford.

All Americans: 10, with 3 being consensus.

The Stadiums (of 2020 visits)

Best Stadium: Huntington Bank Stadium – University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, Minnesota. At 50K capacity, it’s a Goldilocks stadium, just the right size for the Gophers. Makes for raucous good time.

Worst Stadium: Gerald J. Ford Stadium – Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. Really not a bad stadium, just the worst of good bunch.

Best Game Day Experience: Camp Randall Stadium – University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. The Badger experience is everything it is billed to be.

Easiest Stadium to Get To: Sun Devil Stadium – Arizona State University, Tempe AZ. Navigating the greater Phoenix metroplex is easy, there’s great hotels and bars right around the stadium and there’s even a public transportation option.

Hardest Stadium to Get To: The Sun Bowl – UTEP, El Paso, Tx. Unless you’re a drug running mule, hard to imagine a reason to be in El Paso.

Best Concessions: Aggie Memorial Stadium – New Mexico State, Las Cruces, NM. Hard to beat a Frito Pie and a sharp looking souvenir cup.

Worst Concessions: Arizona Stadium – University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. Worst pretzel my wife has ever had. Enough said.

Best Souvenir: Wisconsin wins a tie-breaker over UTEP, as both had nice $9.99 T-shirts, but the Badger one was easier to get, right at the bookstore. The Miner one was a Wal-Mart special. (Note, I met another guy doing the stadium challenge, and he had bought the same UTEP shirt. We both marveled at a small school being in the Wally world supply chain)

Worst Souvenir: SMU, Everything, except for tickets, is expensive at SMU from tuition to tailgating to hats and t-shirts. Ended up buying something on ebay post trip.

Best Cup: SMU, but New Mexico State was not far behind.

Worst Cup: Oklahoma for giving out the cups from the previous week. At least they had a cup. Shame on you UTEP.


The Costs

Total Season Spend: $4,100 ($3,300 ex mileage) with some reduction for vacations tagged onto the back end at Minn/Wisc and the AZ trip; Ave per Game: ~$459 (ex mileage ~$363) down nearly $150.

Most Expensive Ticket: Ohio State vs Wisconsin – $69 actual (Stubhub) with a $135 face

Cheapest Ticket: Arizona State – Free! THANKS ROCKY!

Average Ticket Price Paid: $31 (up $6 over 2019)

Average Savings on Tickets over Face Value: $32 saved per ticket


Miles Driven: ~1,500  vs 2,300 in 2019

Miles Flown: ~5,640 (Minnesota / Wisconsin, Phoenix, El Paso)

Two Game Weeks: Three – Minnesota / Wisconsin, Arizona State / Arizona, New Mexico State / UTEP

Best Fans: New Mexico State. Really, just about everywhere, it was good. Maybe it’s because they don’t get a lot of visitors, but the Aggies aimed to please.

Worst Fans: UTEP. The folks I met were great but the tailgate scene in the big lots was a show.

Most Pleasant Surprise: New Mexico State. Free tailgating at New Mexico State – who does that?

Most Unpleasant Surprise: El Paso, even with a good friend guiding me around, way too many negatives. It was down hill after Chico’s.

Lesson Learned / Re-affirmed: Do your research. Absolutely should have done Friday night in Oklahoma City. Would have had good time on Friday night, saved money on the tailgate spot, and it would have been in a better location.

My Regular Season Pick Record: 31-23 Not too shabby. Bowl Games: 21-15

I am not alone:

As mentioned, I met a young guy at UTEP who was at, I think 56 stadiums. A friend then sent me a link to an article on Frank Lipchick, who’s number is 124. But, the real kicker was this guy, Clark Humble, who hit all 131 in five years. Apparently, my quest is more an exhibition rather than a competition. But with JMU, Jacksonville State and Houston State joining the fold. It’s not 131 anymore. First one to 134!


A bowling we go.

Congrats University of Georgia!

Of course, I bet on Saban and the Tide, but I’d be lying if I said I was disappointed. It was nice to see someone other than Bama win. The SEC, once again, proves they have the best elite teams in the country. Not elite? UTEP – check out the review here.

Current Results: 21 – 15

Here’s my annual Bowl Review with me just picking the winners (in Bold) straight up.  I haven’t even looked at the lines and I need Friday night to finish my picks. But since the games start at noon tomorrow, I have the Friday picks posted now. Of course, betting on Bowl games is a fool’s errand but what the hell. Enjoy the Season, Bowl and Holiday.

Bahamas – Middle Tenn. (6-6) vs. Toledo (7-5) Nassau, Bahamas Fri., Dec. 17 Noon ESPN

Honestly, I think this is one of the best bowls for a MAC team. I am betting their exuberance pays off with a win for Toledo. But, let’s be honest, a bowl game in Bahamas and you are home for Christmas – They are all winners.

PICK Result: Loser

Cure: N. Illinois (9-4) vs. Coastal Carolina (10-2) Orlando, FL Fri., Dec. 17 6pm ESPN2

Not a bad match-up. A classic match up of a big Group of Five team and middling Power Five team. Let’s go with the underdog, Chanticleers all the way.

PICK Result: Winner

Boca Raton: W. Kentucky (8-5) vs. App. State (10-3) Boca Raton, FL Fri., Dec. 18 11am ESPN

This is another nice bowl to get invited. FAU’s stadium in Boca is newish with some attractive features. For the players, you are not far from South Beach and you will be home for Christmas. Going with pedigree here and taking App. State.

Pick Result: Loser

New Mexico: UTEP (7-5) vs. Fresno State (9-3) Albuquerque, NM Sat., Dec. 18 2:15 pm ESPN:

UTEP was a team going in the wrong direction and I wouldn’t imagine going to Albuquerque is a big plus for them. I will take the Bulldogs for the Victory (get it?)

Pick Result: Winner

Independence: BYU (10-2) vs. UAB (8-4) Shreveport, LA Sat., Dec. 18 3:30 pm ABC

Louisiana can be fun, maybe not Mormon fun, but fun. With less distractions, BYU should win this.

Pick Result: Loser      

Lending Tree: E. Michigan (7-5) vs. Liberty (7-5) Mobile, AL Sat., Dec. 18 5:45pm ESPN.

To my surprise, Mobile is a kind of funky, cool little town. Liberty’s QB can sling it. I will go with them.

Pick Result: Winner

L.A.: Utah State (10-3) vs. Oregon State (7-5) Los Angeles, CA Sat., Dec. 18 7:30 pm ABC

What in the world is the L.A. bowl? Tough game to pick, I will go with Utah State in a toss-up.

Pick Result: Winner

New Orleans: Marshall (7-5) vs. Louisiana (12-1) New Orleans, LA Sat., Dec. 18 9:00 pm ESPN.

Not much of a trip for the Ragin’ Cajuns. They deserve better. The Sun Belt victors should roll.

Pick Result: Winner

Myrtle Beach: Tulsa (6-6) vs. ODU (6-6), Conway, S.C. Mon., Dec. 20 2:30 pm ESPN.

As long as Tulsa doesn’t get distracted, they should win based on the strength of their schedule.

Pick Result: Winner

Famous Idaho Potato: Kent State (7-6) vs. Wyoming (6-6) Boise, ID Tue., Dec. 21 3:30pm ESPN

Congrats Golden Flashes. You get to freeze your butts off for your bowl. At least they should be home for Christmas. I am taking Wyoming just because it is a shorter trip.

Pick Result: Winner

Frisco: UTSA (12-1) vs. San Diego State (11-2) (FL) Frisco, TX Tue., Dec. 21 7:30pm ESPN.

So is this the nicer of the two Frisco Bowls? And what in the world is Frisco doing getting two bowl games? Dallas suburbs aren’t that nice. Enjoy the Dave and Busters. This game, however, should be a good one. UTSA has been a bit streaky as of late, but I still like them.

Pick Result: Loser

Armed Forces: Army (8-3) vs. Missouri (6-6) Fort Worth, TX Wed., Dec. 22 8:00 pm ESPN

There should be a lot fans at this game for Army. They need atonement for the Navy loss. I am picking with my heart here. Go Black Knights.

Pick Result: Winner

Frisco Classic Miami OH 6-6) vs. North Texas (6-6) Frisco, Tx Thu., Dec. 23 3:30 ESPN

Classic? I would not describe this match-up as Classic. North Texas because they are closer?

Pick Result: Loser

Gasparilla: Florida (6-6) vs. UFC (8-4) Tampa, FL Thu., Dec. 23 7:30 pm ABC

This isn’t the usual UFC juggernaut. I think Florida wins one for SEC pride.

Pick Result: Loser

Hawai’i: Memphis (6-6) vs. Hawai’i (6-7) Honolulu, HI Fri., Dec. 24 8pm ESPN.

I always wonder if the Warriors like staying home for their Bowl Game. I am guessing yes because they can grab a cheap Christmas Day flight home after the game. I will go with Hawai’i with the “sleep in my own bed” advantage.

Pick Result: Cancelled

Camellia: Ball State (6-6) vs. Georgia State (7-5) Montgomery, AL Fri., Dec. 25 2:30pm ESPN

The Cramton Bowl seats 25k and is home to several high school teams. Awesome. Georgia State in a Bowl that only gambling degenerates care about.

Pick Result: Winner

Quick Lane: W. Michigan (7-5) vs. Nevada (8-4) Detroit, MI Mon., Dec. 27 11am ESPN

Well, at least the game is inside at Ford Field. I know it is closer for Western Michigan, but I like Nevada in this one. I don’t love them though. I am guessing that is the same thing their parents are saying about going to Detroit.

Pick Result: Loser

Military: ECU (7-5) vs. Boston College (6-6) Annapolis, MD Mon., Dec. 27 2:30 ESPN

If the weather was nice and I was stilling living outside of DC, I might consider going to this game. The only rub is the Navy’s stadium doesn’t have a water view. Boston College has been streaky. I will go with the Pirates of ECU.

Pick Result: Cancelled

Birmingham: Houston (11-2) vs. Auburn (6-6) Birmingham, AL Tue., Dec. 28 Noon ABC

This is being played at UAB’s new stadium, which already makes this bowl better than previous versions. A win here would be a nice feather in the Coogs cap and may give some insight as to Cincy vs Bama. I am going with the heart and not the head in this one. Houston for the win.

Pick Result: Winner

First Responder: Louisville (6-6) vs. Air Force (9-3) University Park, Tx, Tue., Dec. 28, 3:15pm ESPN

Another bowl game in Dallas? SMU’s stadium is fairly average but if they let fans tailgate for free on The Boulevard, it might be worthwhile. Air Force in a sentimental pick.

Pick Result: Winner

Holiday: UCLA (8-4) vs. NC State (9-3)  San Diego, CA Sat., Tue., Dec. 28 5:00 pm FOX

Pick Result: Cancelled

Now we are talking – this is a bowl game location. I like NC State to win one for the ACC.

Liberty: Texas Tech (6-6) vs. Mississippi State (7-5) Memphis, TN Tue., Dec. 28 6:45 pm ESPN

Pick Result: Loser

This bowl game has been around awhile. I thought that Memphis should be more fun than it actual is. SEC flexes its muscles here with a Mississippi State win.

Guaranteed Rate: Minnesota (8-4) vs. West Virginia (6-6) Phoenix AZ Tue., Dec. 28 10:15pm ESPN.

This is a bowl game with an identity crisis. It was the Copper Bowl, Insight Bowl, Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, Cheez-It Bowl. Oye, and it is played on a baseball field. Yuck. The Gophers, in particular, deserve better. I like them for the win.

Pick Results: Winner

Fenway: Virginia (6-6) vs. SMU (8-4) Boston, MA Wed., Dec 29 11am ESPN.

Another baseball stadium and this time in the North. Thirty-eight degrees is the forecast. Good luck SMU. I will take the Hoo’s of Virginia, thank you.

Pick Result: Cancelled

Pinstripe: Virginia Tech (6-6) vs. Maryland (6-6) New York, NY. Wed, Dec. 29 2:15 pm ESPN

I can’t imagine sitting in Yankee Stadium in the freezing weather, and I am a  Hokie fan. I am taking Virginia Tech for only that reason.

Pick Result: Loser

Cheez-It Clemson (9-3) vs. Iowa State (7-5) Orlando, FL Wed., Dec. 29 5:45Tpm ESPN

So let me get this right. The Cheez-It Bowl is now in Orlando in what was most recently the Camping World Bowl and was once the Blockbuster Bowl? I understanding the importance of naming rights, but can’t the organizers at least give a common second name? Branding 101. I will take Clemson, I guess.

Pick Result: Winner

Alamo: Oklahoma (10-2) vs. Oregon (10-3) San Antonio, TX Wed., Dec. 29 9:15pm ESPN

Finally a bowl I recognize, but the teams’ coaches – sort of? Two interim coaches so who knows who wins this. I will go with Oklahoma.

Pick Result: Winner

Duke’s Mayo: N. Carolina (6-6) vs. S. Carolina (6-6) Charlotte, N.C. Thur., Dec. 30 11:30am ESPN

Sort of interesting match up at least. I will go with Carolina. As in South Carolina.

Pick Result: Winner

Music City: Purdue (8-4) vs. Tennessee (7-5) Nashville, TN Thur., Dec. 30 3pm ESPN

Tough one here. Maybe Tennessee takes this a little more seriously? I am going with the Vols

Pick Result: Loser

Las Vegas: Wisconsin (8-4) vs. Arizona (8-4) Las Vegas, Thur., Dec 30 10:30pm ESPN

Who wouldn’t like a bowl game in Vegas? This is an attractive matchup. I like the Big 10 in this one with the Badgers getting the win. Not sure how sober the Badger fans will be in, but the team should be okay.

Pick Result: Winner

Peach: Michigan State (10-2) vs. Pitt (11-2), Atlanta, GA. 7pm ESPN

With Pitt’s QB, Kenny Prickett, out for this game, I think I like the Spartans. This is why I don’t like betting bowl games.

Pick Result: Winner

Gator: Wake Forest (10-3) vs. Texas A&M (8-4) Jacksonville, FL Fri., Dec.31 11:00am ESPN

Wake Forest is a nice story, but the Aggies have too much. Another win for the SEC.

Pick Result: NA – Rutgers substituted for A&M

Sun: Miami(FL) (7-5) vs. Washington State (7-5). El Paso, Tx. Dec. 31, 12:30pm CBS

The only thing great about this is the view in the Sun Bowl. Everything else  from the teams to the city is meh. Washington State, I guess.

Pick Result: NA – Central Michigan substituted for Miami.

Cotton: Alabama (12-1) vs Cincinnati (13-0), Arlington, Tx Fri. Dec. 31 3:30pm ESPN

I want the Bearcats to win, but I can’t pick against Saban. Roll Damn Tide

Pick Result: Winner

Orange: Michigan (12-1) vs. Georgia (12-1). Miami Gardens, FL 7:30pm ESPN

I am not confident, but I am not afraid either. I think the Wolverines win this one.

Pick Result: Loser

Outback: Penn State (7-5) vs. Arkansas (8-4)  Tamp, Fla Sat., Jan. 1 Noon ESPN2.

The under achiever (PSU) vs the over achiever (Arkansas). Franklin excels at winning games that don’t matter. Take the Lions.

Pick Result: Loser

Citrus: Iowa (10-3) vs. Kentucky (9-3) Orlando, FL Sat., Jan. 1 1:00 pm ABC

I think Kentucky is a bit over-rated. The Hawkeyes win, possibly by boring the Wildcats to death.

Pick Result: Loser

Fiesta: Notre Dame (11-1) vs. Oklahoma State (11-2), Glendale, AZ Sat., Jan 1, 1pm ESPN

Going with the continuity pick here. The Mullet will have the Pokes ready. The Irish loses another bowl.

Pick Result: Winner

Rose: Ohio State(10-2) vs. Utah(10-3) Pasadena, CA Sat., Jan. 1 5:00 pm ESPN

Buckeyes big in this one. This game alone screams for an 8 team bracket for FBS playoff.

Pick Result: Winner

Sugar: Ole Miss(10-2) vs. Baylor (11-2) New Orleans, LA Sat., Jan. 1 8:45 pm ESPN

This is about when I say I finally believe in Ole Miss and then they lose. Nonetheless, I am picking the Rebs.

Pick Result: Loser

Texas: Kansas State (7-5) vs LSU (6-6), Houston, Tx Tues. Jan. 4 9pm ESPN

I live in Houston, and I would go to this game if a) I could get a ticket for $20 or less and b) I had some Tiger fans to tailgate with. But really, the timing of this game is just terrible. They should have played this one the week before. For some reason, I think K-State will be more prepared, so I am taking the Cats.

Pick Result: Winner

I will update with results as we go. Blue games are played, green are upcoming. Enjoy the bowls and the holidays!

Gobble, Gobble!

The popular theme of Thanksgiving is that it is all about turkey and football. I mean, sure, there’s family and friends, but that’s a given for a holiday. Truth be told, the quality of the pro games on Thanksgiving is always a bit of gamble and if you aren’t a Lions or Cowboys fan, you are counting on the third game to deliver the goods. Thankfully on Friday and Saturday, the college game has far more intriguing and entertaining contests because it is Rivalry Week. The games are often much closer than they should be thanks to the familiarity of the teams and the emotions associated with the rivalries.

It does make the picking the games a bit dicey. Given last week’s results, 2-2, I am not exactly confident about this week. Last week started off well enough with Houston taking care of Memphis easily. I am glad that Cincinnati finally had a big game but not at my expense. Michigan waxed Maryland and put me ahead. UTSA came back to win in the last seconds of their game, but they just missed covering. It left me even for the weekend.

My other observations of Week 12:

  • Buckeyes had the most dominant win of the season, routing Michigan State, but all will be for naught if they lose to the Wolverines.
  • Utah – Oregon game was another one that was over at half-time. PAC-12 out of the playoff again.
  • Notre Dame will be on the outside looking in if Cincy keeps winning – Not the worst thing to happen to college football given their poor historical performance in the FBS.
  • Loved Missouri going for two and the win against Florida.
  • The Virginia Tech offense was stitched together on a wing and a prayer and they still almost came back to beat Miami. It was a very entertaining game.

I have tried to stay away from the rivalry games this week, but I couldn’t resist Ole Miss getting 2 points against Mississippi State. It was the only rivalry I went with for the weekend. Wake Forest can clinch the ACC Atlantic division with a win against Boston College. It should be incentive enough for them to cover. In a battle of possibly the two worst FBS teams in the country, I am taking New Mexico State over UMass. I saw the Aggies against Utah State and they didn’t look bad for a half. They should have enough to beat the lowly Minutemen. I am not sure why I am high on Memphis against Tulane. I am guessing because a win by the Tigers makes them bowl eligible.

Some other thoughts on a tasty weekend.

  • Ohio State vs Michigan is the game of the weekend. The way the Buckeyes dismantled the Spartans, I have to give the nod to Ohio State even if the game is in the Big House.
  • Bedlam isn’t too far behind in terms of significance, but the winner is still going to need some help given the SEC bias. I was tempted to take Oklahoma because they seem to always have the Pokes number. Again – avoid the rivalries.
  • Maybe Auburn has some magic for the Iron Bowl, but I doubt it. I think Bama’s biggest concern is avoiding any injuries.
  • Both Florida and Florida State have losing records. Given the amount of talent in that state, it is inexcusable for those teams to be that bad. Not sure their game could be any more insignificant.

That’s all I’ve got. Skip the shopping and enjoy the games this weekend.