At Somanystadiums, we love to tailgate, but we know as visitors, it isn’t always easy. It is hard enough figuring out how to get a parking pass for the best lots, and don’t even try to check your tailgating gear on a plane. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just find a local tailgate to hang with?

Accordingly, with the college football community in mind, we have created this tailgating portal. And, we do mean community. So whether you are a host or a guest, be polite and respectful of your fellow tailgaters. We are all here for a good time. Leave your beer muscles at home and save your screaming for the stadium.

Host or Guest

  • Tailgates: Tailgates that are accepting guests
  • Wanted Tailgates: Spots where people want to tailgate, i.e. looking for a host

Types of Tailgates

We also loosely group our tailgates into three groups:

  • Pleasant Pre-Game: Smaller tailgates that are low key affairs that at minimum provide some chairs, tent, a place to charge a phone, sunscreen, and one bottle of water per guest. Usually, 2 -10 people.
  • Traditional Tailgate: Tent, chairs, table, power charger, coolers, utensils. Tent is expected, but may not be provided. May include games like cornhole, music and/or TV. May offer to supply food and beverage or accept potluck donations. Usually, 5 -15 people.
  • Party Time:Everything in a traditional tailgate with more people, TV, and potentially a custom rig. May run across multiple parking spots. Usually, 10 or more people.

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