Week 10

This week was originally planned to be a double header in Kansas, but only if the game times allowed for attending both. With the way the Jayhawks were playing it looked like a night game was in the cards, but then three straight losses by Kansas ended hopes of a night game on their end. Also, the game was shaping up as a solo trip, which I don’t love. And then, I hit Ole Miss at LSU a couple of weeks ago sealing the fate on a trip to Kansas. It is a bit disappointing that I now see that I could have hit both games on Saturday. The tailgating would have suffered for sure but it would have been nice to not have to make multiple trips to Kansas in the future. For now, this becomes another week at home.

I continued to struggle picking games this week, going 2-2. The weekend started well enough the TCU and UNC both managing to cover, although to be fair, the Horned Frogs final score was a bit of a hook job. The night games took a turn for the worst. UCLA manhandled Stanford, while Wyoming won but did not cover at Hawaii. It was another weekend of mediocre picks.

Other notes from last week:

  • PSU hung with Ohio State a lot longer than I thought was possible.
  • Loved the Black and Orange uniforms of Tennessee
  • Oregon is getting a lot of the good Bo Nix on Saturdays.
  • How about the UConn Huskies beating Boston College. That will cost them a spot in the Bottom Ten.

Another week where I don’t see a lot of easy picks. I haven’t seen Tulane play much this year, but they always seem to look good the morning after on College Football Final. Roll Green Wave. I guess conventional wisdom says the Missouri Tigers are rising up and the Kentucky Wildcats are sliding down. However, I think the Wildcats are straight up better than the Tigers. I know Liberty are big underdogs against Arkansas, but the Flames have not let me down yet. The Gamecocks are another team that recently took it on the chin, but I think they will have Vanderbilt’s number.

Other thoughts for this week:

  • Tennessee vs Georgia is must see television this weekend.
  • I was tempted to take Texas Tech and the points against TCU. The Horned Hogs have been walking a tightrope all season and they may be looking forward to UT. This looks a lot like a trap game.
  • Don’t look now, but UConn is going to be 500 after they beat UMass this weekend.
  • 7 – 1 Oregon against 1 – 7 Colorado. Yikes that is a game where the fans are the real losers.


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