Being a Tailgate Guest

We, at, know how frustrating it can be to tailgate at an away game. While the tailgaters are usually friendly and often will offer you free food and drink, it is hard to feel like you aren’t inviting yourself to join the fun. This Tailgate Platform will hopefully give you a chance to find, IN ADVANCE, a Tailgate to join on game day when you are visitor.

There’s nothing like the ability to plan ahead and rest easy knowing you have a spot to Tailgate in advance. Hopefully, you can take advantage of discounted or free parking, walking or taking a shuttle to the Tailgate you have booked.

Simply go to our Tailgating page and start searching for a Tailgate listed for the game you want to attend. Our Tailgates our divided into the following Categories

  • Pleasant Pre-Game: Smaller tailgates that are low key affairs that at minimum provide some chairs, tent, a place to charge a phone, sunscreen, and one bottle of water per guest. Usually, 2 -10 people.
  • Traditional Tailgate: Tent, chairs, table, power charger, coolers, utensils. Tent is expected, but may not be provided. May include games like cornhole, music and/or TV. May offer to supply food and beverage or accept potluck donations. Usually, 5 -15 people.
  • Party Time: Everything in a traditional tailgate with more people, TV, and potentially a custom rig. May run across multiple parking spots. Usually, 10 or more people.

If there’s no Tailgate listed for your game, you can actually go and create a Wanted Tailgate. Hopefully, someone visiting the site will see your Wanted Tailgate Listing and then create a Tailgate that you can sign up for. For a description of all the tailgating attributes and full details for how to create a Wanted Tailgate click here.

When you book:

Booking at Tailgate is straight-forward.

  1. Fill in the Dates field with the date of the Game. Note, sometimes a Listing may be set up for a full day, so you may find that you need to select the day of the tailgate and the day after. Don’t worry, you are only booking for one day. We aren’t aware of any Tailgates that are two or more days long. That would be epic, but we are sure they don’t exist.
  2. Fill in the Places field with the number of guests attending the Tailgate. Your Total price is the price per guest times the number of guests. Depending on where you live, there may an additional tax. See our “Other Policies” for more details
  3. Hit the Request button. This will take you to another screen for more info, etc.

That’s all it takes to book a Tailgate.

What if we can’t make it?

Every Tailgate Listing has a cancellation date. You can cancel before that day, no problem. You will get a refund, except for a small transaction fee of 5% (yep, processing payments isn’t free – for us or you). Of course, “stuff” does happen so we have a list of Extenuating Circumstances that can override the cancellation policy. All those are listed in our “Other Policies” guide, which is available here. Let’s be clear though, a late night of celebration the day before the Tailgate doesn’t get you a refund. If you oversleep or are just too hungover to make the Tailgate, that falls on you – not your Host or Trust us, we have all been there.

What else do I need to know?

At, we want everyone to have a good time. We have a set of standards we expect Hosts to follow.

  • Safety: It should be a safe environment, meaning clean, well kept with hand-sanitizer and proper food safety
  • Security: A respectful, non-threatening environment for everyone. No harassment or discrimination based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. That does not mean someone won’t make fun of your University’s football prowess (or lack thereof). But in even those cases, it should be in a friendly manner and not excessive.
  • Service: Hosts should always have available: a place to sit, a power source to charge a phone, sunscreen and one bottle of water per guest. They should be honest in the description of their tailgate, give good directions to the Tailgate, and have multiple points of contact for you.
  • Spirit: This is intended to be a community that has fun and socialization in a safe and friendly environment. No jerks allowed – that goes for Hosts and Guests.

Again, there’s lots more guidance in our Terms of Service, Policies and Guidelines. But really, this isn’t hard. Be nice, Be honest and Don’t get carried away.

Keeping up with your stuff

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