Week Eleven – Is Sam Houston State FBS ready?

Back on the road for our final game of the season. We are making the short trip to Huntsville, Texas to catch the Bearkats before they make the jump to FBS. I say “we” because it will be me and about 50 of my friends as we celebrate my pending retirement. Since Sam Houston State is not exactly the draw that UT or Texas A&M is, I put together a few reasons (ten actually) on why the should come celebrate with me.

10) Northern I-45 is really beautiful this time of year.

9) If you say “Remember the Alamo” three times in front of the Sam Houston Statue, he will shed a tiny tear.

8) Mimosas, Mimosas, Mimosas.

7) Huntsville, Tx is almost as nice as its namesake, Huntsville, AL.

6) The Bearkats are the only team to have ever won a “Spring” FCS National Championship.

5) Attending a Somanystadiums.com tailgate is a must for every college football fan’s bucket list.

4) There’s plenty of time for a side trip to visit “Old Sparky” at the Huntsville Prison Museum.

3) Corn hole for Cash.

2) If we have 50 attendees, we get a visit from Sammy Bearkat, pregame field access, and group photo after. At a hundred, I think they will rename the stadium after us.

1) It is Texas football without the Cult of Texas A&M or the Underperformance of UT.

It was a good week for me as I went 4 – 0 on my picks for the first time in a long time. To be honest, it was about as stress free as it gets. The teams I picked were all pretty much ahead the whole day. Even Liberty jumped out to a big lead over Arkansas. And when the Razorback did made a run late in the game, it didn’t matter because the Flames were getting 14.5 points. The biggest disappointment was that the Tennessee vs Georgia game turned out to be a bit blow out. However, Bama at LSU more than made up for it. Instant classic is overused these days, but it was a great game.

  • I knew the Oregon State vs Washington game was going to be a good one. Unfortunately, my head was nodding by 8:30pm.
  • Some nice shake ups in polls coming with Clemson and Alabama losing the weekend.
  • Oregon and Bo Nix have certainly turned things around. They are both hotter than two dollar pistols.
  • Shame that Liberty lost their first game of the season. The Flames are on fire and will very likely run the table for the rest of the season. Lord knows the woeful Hokies are not going to slow them down.

I am not exactly confident of my picks this week. I was surprised that the Horned Frogs are seven point underdogs to University of Texas. This is much a pick of protest for the overall lack of support for the undefeated Frogs as anything else. I also like South Carolina against Florida. I think the eight points are enough against the streaky Gators. Speaking of streaky, I look for Oklahoma State to break their losing streak against Iowa State. The game we are going to does not have a point spread to bet against so I am treating it as a pick’em. I am all in on the Bearkats this weekend. Other thoughts for this week.

  • Ohio State is a 40 point favorite against Indiana and I don’t they will have a problem covering
  • I wanted to keep riding the Liberty train, but they are playing a hot (sort of) UConn. It was just enough to keep me away.
  • I also liked Ole Miss getting twelve against Alabama, but I am afraid Alabama is going to be hungry for this game
  • American has two teams in top twenty and they play each other. I think Tulane will beat UCF but it will be very close.

That’s all I have got, enjoy the games,




R&R 2.0

We had an absolute blast at Indiana last week. It was with the 9 O’clock club, who are a lock for two things. One, we will laugh all weekend. Two, the weekend ends at 9 O’clock Saturday night. Rest and recovery is definitely on the agenda for this week. And speaking of locks, I had thought the Clemson game was definitely a lock. After a shaky start, the Tigers got their act together and by the third quarter I knew Clemson was going to win. The BYU game was a pick ’em and I made the wrong pick. Arkansas had that game won by half time. The biggest surprise was that JMU got upset by Georgia Southern. It was close but no cigar for the Dukes as they leave the ranks of the unbeatens. Back in Indiana, it looked like not only were the Hoosiers were going to cover, but they were going win outright. A fumble on the potential winning drive put an end to the Hoosiers chances and only reaffirmed the Indiana fans conviction that the Hoosiers will always find a way to lose.

Some other random thoughts of the last week.

  • Hard to believe that a 2OT win by TCU over undefeated Oklahoma State would be the second best game of the weekend. The Volunteers wobbly winning field goal ended the best game of the weekend. Bama’s loss however did not end their FBS playoff chances.
  • Syracuse and Ole Miss keep their seasons undefeated as well. Ole Miss has a tough test this weekend when a hot LSU rolls into town.
  • The Sunbelt continues to be the Fun Belt. In that conference, anyone can beat anyone on any given day – like ODU upsetting an undefeated Coastal Carolina
  • While I escaped the curse of the 9 O’clock club, I did not manage to watch the finish of the USC vs Utah game. I made it to the start of the fourth quarter. Despite knowing it was going to come down the wire, the lure of the Airbnb king bed was too strong to keep me up and I missed the Utes big win.


My 2 – 2 record from last weekend did nothing to restore my confidence in my picks. Houston let me down earlier this season, but it feels like they are more than three points better than Navy. I have to admit my gut is telling me to not walk, but run away from any game that FIU is playing in. However, the lure of getting 14.5 points against the home the nameless QB, was too much to ignore. Yes – Charlotte has a generic statue of a QB in front of their stadium – actually, they have bunch of generic sports figures around their stadium. It is straight out of a bad made for tv movie, where they didn’t want to pay any licensing fees so the teams are named “State” and “Tech”.

My favorite pick of the week is Liberty getting seven points against BYU. The Cougars have disappointed me a couple of times this year, while the Flames have been rock solid. I haven’t seen Cincy or SMU play this year, but I seem to recall SMU not playing well. That, and Peruna, their pony mascot, taking a dump on the field a couple of weeks ago. It is not the most sound reason for taking the Bearcats but sound reasoning has not worked so far this season. I figure what the hell, let’s go with Cincy.

Here are some other thoughts on this week.

  • Michigan confirmed what a lot of us thought about PSU. The Lions were a bit of a fraud. Will Clemson do the same to the Orange of Syracuse? The 13.5 spread was one point too short for me to take the ‘Cuse, but I will be rooting for them.
  • Another game I wouldn’t touch: WVU vs Texas Tech both of whom are 3-3. Absent TCU, there’s no consistency in the Big 12, which also probably means K-State will upset the Horned Frogs.
  • And speaking of frauds, undefeated Ole Miss visit to LSU will be a great test for the Rebs, err Land Sharks, err Black Bears. I am still not really sure what the mascot of Ole Miss is these days.
  • If the FIU vs. Charlotte isn’t the worst game this week then Hawaii at Colorado State surely is. Tickets low as $17. Pity the folks at that one.

That’s all I got. Enjoy the games.










After five weekends on the road, I finally take a breather. No stadiums for me this weekend, just catching up on reviews and the honey-do list. To be honest, I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed for the weekend. I can also recover from a particular bad week of wagering. I went 1 – 3. It started off Thursday night, where a disappointing Utah State could not stay within 24 points of BYU and as I watching it live in LaVell Edwards Stadium I could not drown my sorrows in a beer. My betting did not improve on Saturday. For sure the Oregon State Beavers kept it close for awhile but anytime they would get close to the Utes, they would commit a turnover. At 0 – 2, I could only hope Indiana would answer the bell against Nebraska. They did manage to tie up the Cornhuskers at half-time, only to ultimately lose by 14. Thankfully, WSU had no issues dispatching California to keep me off the snide.

Some other random thoughts of the last week.

  • The big story last weekend was the 5 – 0 Kansas Jayhawks. Indeed, they are so hot, ESPN Game Day is going to Lawrence this weekend.
  • N.C. State gave Clemson a decent game, but it is clear the Tigers are the class of the ACC
  • There are 16 unbeaten teams right now. Perhaps the most surprising one is newcomer JMU, having made the jump from FCS one year early.
  • The 2 – 3 Houston Cougars might be the biggest disappointment this year. There were high hopes for that team.


I haven’t seen Houston play, but I know they have been underperforming. On the road in Memphis, it is a basically a pick ’em and I am picking the Tigers. I have seen both Utah State and Air Force play. The Falcons should cover on the short road trip. Wyoming is giving New Mexico State 3.5 points. The Cowboys should win by at least seven. I don’t love picking against Louisiana Tech at home, even if they have only one win. UTEP is looking decent so I am going with them. If they lose, it won’t be the first time they have disappointed me.

Other thoughts on Week 6.

  • TCU at Kansas is the game of the week, but Utah vs UCLA should be a good one too. And be honest, would you rather watch a game in Las Angeles or Lawrence?
  • Was tempted to take Michigan State against Ohio State. Sparty is getting 27 points, but the Buckeyes score in buckets.
  • WSU vs USC is another good one. This game is at 6:30 and the UCLA game is at 2:30. It would be tight, but the ever elusive doubleheader Saturday is definitely a possibility this week.
  • UConn vs FIU. One of these two teams is going to actually have a two game FBS win streak after this game. Knowing these programs, they will probably tie.

That’s all I got. Enjoy the games.









Make it a double, sort of

Another double weekend is in the cards this week with an early start. Thursday, I head to Provo to see BYU host Utah State. Friday brings a day of rest and then it is on to the main course, Oregon State visiting Utah for Saturday.

I have hardly had a chance to catch my breath from the excitement in Lubbock where the Red Raiders upset the Longhorns. The game was so good I had little regret that I had bet on Texas. I was surprised to see that Wake Forest played Clemson to OT. My only regret is that since I lost the bet, I would have preferred that Wake Forest won outright. Florida and Wyoming both managed to cover, salvaging my week at 2 -2.

Other random thoughts for the week:

  • What a performance by Adrian Martinez, the QB of Kansas State against Oklahoma. He had flashes at Nebraska, but he was consistently stellar on Saturday
  • Rock chalk Jayhawk, at 4-0 Kansas is the feel good story of the season
  • Some not so feel good stories – Arkansas let a win slip away against A&M, but the big loser was Mizzou who fumbled away their win at Auburn’s goal line in OT.
  • Colorado State has lost again, badly, to FCS stalwart Sacramento State. However, with the likes of Hawaii and Utah State on the schedule, hope springs eternal.

I open my picks with Utah State at BYU. The Aggies are in a woeful state so much so that I can’t even justify an emotional hedge. With a point spread of 24.5, they could cover and it would still be a blowout. My hedge would be wasted. Even at 3-1, I recognize that Indiana isn’t a dominant team, but surely they deserve to be a favorite against Nebraska. My second game of the weekend should a great one. I like to root for the home team, but I also know the Beavers are pretty good this year. I am not saying they will win, but I think they can cover against the Utes. My last pick is to go with the WSU Cougars over the Cal Bears. Although they have the same record, the Coogs have a better resume in my mind.

Other random thoughts on this week’s slate:

  • I don’t always agree with the ESPN Game Day selection, but the NC State vs. Clemson game could very well be the game of the week. It will be interesting to see if the Wolfpack defense can stand up to the Tigers.
  • UCLA has quietly gone 4-0 and so have the U of W. Huskies. If anything, this game will help to see if either one is a fraud.
  • A likewise game is set up with OU and TCU. My gut says OU gets the win.
  • Honestly, while there are not too many classic matchups this weekend, it is a slate full of good games. The only one that looks bad is an 0-4 FCS Wagner coming to play 4-0 Syracuse. That game is going to be ugly.

That’s all I got. Enjoy the games.



Week Four – 100 Here We Come!

When I told my wife to pick up some Mission tortillas for this weekend, she said, “You know we only eat HEB.” I said, “These aren’t for eating. They’re for throwing because we are going to Texas Tech.” The only negative to seeing the Red Raiders host the Longhorns is the eight hour drive to get there. Surprisingly, it was my wife’s call to not fly and drive instead. But this is stadium number 100, so the miles are worth it.

I had a great week on my picks, going 4 – 0. Vanderbilt took care of NIU. My hunch that there wasn’t going to be a “win one for Frosty” movement at Nebraska panned out. Oklahoma had no problem covering against the Huskers. Likewise, WSU was well in control from the start against Colorado State. That game was effectively over by the end of the first quarter. I only had to wait on Liberty to see if they could keep it close against Wake Forest. It turned out to be not much of a sweat, with the Flames nearly burning the Demon Deacons, losing by one.

Other random thoughts from last weekend:

  • Troy versus App State – Like I said, Sun Belt = Fun Belt
  • I was wrong on PSU though. The Nittany Lions crushed Auburn
  • We now know that BYU was kinda, only sorta, real
  • Looks like I was right about the Huskies too. West coast travel can be rough

On to this week’s picks. ESPN’s GameDay is in Knoxville for Tennessee’s game against Florida. There isn’t a particularly strong slate of games so the choice is a reasonable one. It could be argued that they could have just stayed in Boone for the JMU – App State game instead. It is one of the better games of the weekend. The Gators are getting 10.5 points against the Volunteers and for some reason that half point makes me want to take Florida. Clemson is only a seven point favorite against Wake Forest. Taking the Tigers is a no-brainer. I had told myself that I was going to ride with the Liberty Flames until I got burned, but they are 26.5 point favorites against Akron. I think the Zips have enough to cover. Instead I am going with the 22.5 point underdog Wyoming against BYU. I think the Cowboy are better than that. Texas Tech is getting 6.5 against Texas. I am taking the Longhorns as an emotional hedge because after eight hours of driving to get to Lubbock, and then sitting in the sun and the watching the Red Raiders lose would be an awful weekend. In that case, at least a winning wager would salvage some of the weekend.

Some other gems for this weekend:

  • Duke vs Kansas may be the game of the week. Both are a surprising 3 – 0.
  • I wanted to pick Minnesota over Michigan State but the Gophers really haven’t played anyone yet.
  • It looks like Colorado State is going to get off the snide this week as they host FCS Sacramento State. Of course, the Hornets are 2-0 so keep fingers crossed Ram fans.
  • Speaking of bad teams. The worst match up of the week features 0-3 UMass vs 0-3 Temple. That is some bad football. I will give kudos to UMass for one thing. They have declared their upcoming game against Liberty as their Pride game. Hey Flames, make sure you bring your unicorns and rainbows.

That’s all I got. Enjoy the games this weekend.