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It started as a bet, then it became a bit of an obsession. We are hitting every Division I FBS stadium in the country. Along the way, we have laughed and learned a lot. Somanystadiums is the product of that adventure where we showcase reviews, offer custom merchandise around the experience, and a portal for making tailgate connections. Because this journey is a lot more fun together than alone.

This week: Conference Championships

My fears about Louisville came to fruition. The Wildcats upset the Cardinals in a close one as the SEC flexed their conference muscles. Kansas rolled over Cincy and Arizona did the same..

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Current Stadium Count: 111

2022 was a banner year. Check it out here.

The Rules:

  • Visit the home stadium. Games at neutral sites do not count.
  • Attend at least half of game. Only one team member required to visit stadium.
  • Grandfathering – if you went to a stadium with your grandfather when you were five and it was torn down since. The stadium still counts.

Insults: We hope you can take a joke

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