Week 8 Average Slate

Yeah, let’s be honest. Week Eight doesn’t have the most intriguing slate of games. It may be the right time to refill the bank with the boss, if you know what I mean. It is fairly likely that I won’t be watching all day this Saturday. I will just check for winners on my phone. Did I mention that I went 3-1 last week? I don’t know if I am taking my picks more seriously or I am just luckier this year. In any case, it was another productive week. Only Arkansas let me down. In hindsight, their 4-0 start was a bit fraudulent. I should have known. UTEP took care of business. Texas A&M had their game in hand very early. Lastly La Monroe held up the state’s high standards by beating Liberty outright despite being a 32.5 point underdog. I have seen a lot of game in Louisiana – they have great athletes.

Some other notes from last week:

  • Beating Florida could not save LSU Coach Ed Orgeron’s job.
  • UConn not only won a game, it was televised.
  • Even though they beat Texas in a comeback, I am not sure I believe in Ok State. Feels like Gundy is the coach that always has a good team, but one that’s never good enough to win it all.
  • South Carolina stole that game from Vanderbilt
  • Late in the afternoon, I switched to Central Michigan vs Toledo. My reward? OT!
  • Don’t want to jinx my late season trip, but UTEP vs. UTSA is looking good.

This week’s picks coming soon.


I love the favorites this week. Correction, I like the favorites this week. I am going to ride SMU until they lose. They should certainly be able to beat a struggling 1-5 Tulane. Maryland may have the same record as Minnesota, but I think there’s a big difference in the level of competition. This is my least favorite pick of the bunch so tread lightly with your wagering. Western Michigan just scores points. I was very confident of this pick until I saw that WMU lost to Ball State, whom Toledo beat. So, this game is essentially a pick ’em. For my last pick, it is ‘Bama, as in “Roll Damn Tide.” I think Tennessee is in trouble in this one. Some other observations on a fairly pedestrian college football weekend:

  • Wake Forest is quietly 6-0. Army should be a pretty good test for the Demon Deacons.
  • Oklahoma State gets no respect. Undefeated underdogs at 4-2 Iowa State.
  • Game day is going to SoCal for Oregon versus UCLA. Hard to fault that pick this week. It may be the best game of the weekend, if not the best teams.
  • Clemson aren’t what they normally are, but it is still a big game for Pitt.
  • San Diego State is another undefeated team that will be tested this weekend, taking on a 6-1 Air Force.
  • The game to avoid. UMass at Florida State. Ugh that’s some bad football.

That’s all I got.


Week 7 A brief respite

Five games in four straight weekends is a long run. I have to admit that not going to a game this weekend is a nice break. Every once in a while I like to settle in front of multiple televisions and spend the weekend bouncing around games. I just hope that this week can come close to last weekend. I was amazed to see A&M upset Alabama. I did not see that coming. On the other hand, Iowa beating PSU was not surprising. Virginia Tech almost beating Notre Dame, again, was just as painful getting updates as it was watching it live two years ago. As for my picks, Houston got me off to a good start, steamrolling Tulane. ASU did the same to Stanford, but I was unfortunately on the other side of that. It was a bit of a bad beat when Stanford turned the ball over as they were driving for a very late touchdown. I don’t know what happened with BYU but it couldn’t have been good. Thankfully, UCLA brought me to even as they chalked up a couple of late touchdowns to cover. It was nice surprise considering they were only up by one at halftime.


This week’s slate of games is worrisome. It is one of those mid-season weeks where the rubber meets the road. Some strange odds and I don’t really like too many games. I picked UTEP partially out of hope. I am heading there in a few weeks, I would really like to see them keeping winning so their game against UTSA has some gravitas. I should probably do an emotional hedge. Instead, I am riding with the Miners. I think the Razorbacks are looking to stomp all over Auburn. The Aggies have no where to go but down, but I can’t imagine them getting lower than Missouri. Lastly, I am picking Monroe just out of pedigree. The state of Louisiana has better athletes than Virginia. Ipso facto, they at least ought to be keep it closer than 33 points against Liberty. Some thoughts on other games this weekend.

  • Michigan State is undefeated and they are only favored by 4.5 over a 2-3 Indiana. Same thing with a below .500 Nebraska being a 4.5 favorite over Minnesota. And, Washington is favored over UCLA. Can’t figure out any of these lines.
  • Florida vs LSU, Meh.
  • Yale vs UConn – This may be the only chance for a Huskie win this year.
  • I’d like to think a 6-0 Kentucky has a chance against Georgia, but I doubt it.
  • The Pitt – Virginia Tech may be the best game on Saturday.

That’s all I got. See you in the cheap seats.

Week 5

This week we will be strutting down the Boulevard at Southern Methodist University. I have been researching the tailgating scene for two weeks and it appears doing anything on our own would be prohibitive. To get a spot on a boulevard is $1,100 so it is likely we will be doing the walkaround. The weather doesn’t look great, but that’s not going to stop us from having a good time. And, the OU review is in. Check it out here.

On the positive side, last week I returned to early season form, going 3-1. Some observations from last week. It did appear that San Jose State suffered from jet lag, getting thumped fairly well by Western Michigan. Florida State continues their woeful season, remaining winless. West Virginia gave an inspired performance against Oklahoma. Only Houston let me down, when they couldn’t cover against Navy.

Some other observations from last week:

  • Clemson – Not going to say I told you so, but, well check out last week’s blog.
  • A&M: A little less yell practice, a little more tackling practice.
  • It’s a tie between Iowa State and UNC for most overrated preseason team.
  • How about Boston College 4-0 and beating Missouri. Tough for the SEC.
  • Bowling Green beats Minnesota, Even worse for the BIG 10.
  • SMU is 4-0 and here we go. Oklahoma State also rolling at 4-0.
  • What made me laugh on College Football  Final? All the Romney’s at BYU.

We are heading to SMU and I am confident they will wim. I don’t, however, love the line with what will be a very soggy afternoon. TCU got beat by SMU last week so Texas should have no problem covering. I am going to keep riding Western Michigan until they disappoint me. Lastly, I have been saying that I don’t believe in Ole Miss. Time to put my money where my mouth is.

That’s all I got. See you in the cheap seats.


Week 4 2021

Looking very much forward to this week’s game at Oklahoma. Not looking forward to making this week’s picks after a terrible 0-4 weekend.

  • I wasn’t the only who was surprised by Louisville’s win over UCF. Herbstreit said the same thing on Game Day. It was a fairly remarkable turnaround from their first game.
  • The Hokies took their comeback down to the wire, but came up just a little short. On the plus side, I am hopeful this means WVU will make a strong showing at OU this weekend
  • I have no idea why I took the points and the Lobos. By the time I got to Kyle Field, I had convinced myself that I had picked A&M to cover. It was disappointing to find out I hadn’t
  • The only one I didn’t mind was PSU beating Auburn. It’s not that I have anything against Auburn, but it is nice to the SEC lose. I heard Chris Doering, SEC analyst, on a DC radio show this morning down playing the loss. Saying Auburn was only the 7th or 8th best team in the SEC and that they play four “White-out” equivalents a year in the SEC. Oye, the arrogance.

Other random thoughts from last week:

  • My favorite Game Day sign last week at PSU – “Bo Nix wears jorts”. I’ll say this much, if he doesn’t, his cousin does.
  • Nice to see Nebraska show up.
  • I don’t see Clemson making the college playoff – their offense isn’t strong enough.
  • Okay, i am starting to believe in PSU and Ole Miss, but I did the same with Va Tech and look how that turned out.
  • I don’t know how defenders avoid some of these targeting calls.
  • Penn State’s White Out still the best – you should have seen the Gophers attempt at a Black Out a couple of weeks ago, nothing but maroon and gold.
  • Bummed I missed the Fresno State upset over UCLA, but tailgating for 11:00 am games kills me.
  • The Western Michigan upset over Pitt reminded that I must try Detroit pizza when hitting the MAC Michigans (Eastern, Central, Western)

This weekend, we will be in Norman, Oklahoma for the ABC featured Saturday night game. Still working on the picks for this week, and will post tomorrow.

  • In a game I see as a pick ’em, I am going with Western Michigan after their upset of Pitt. I am also counting on the long road trip hurting San Jose State.
  • Louisville has burned me twice, but they and FSU seem to be going in opposite directions. I am going with the Cardinals
  • Navy is really struggling this year and Houston can light it up. I am going with the Cougars covering the nineteen points.
  • And for the game I will be at, I am hoping West Virginia is at least able to keep it close against Oklahoma. I hope the Sooners Defense is their porous self.

That’s all I got. See you in the cheap seats.

On the couch with this week’s picks

This week, on the couch.

After a long double weekend, I am not going to lie. I am happy to recover on the couch this weekend. It was a great time, but I am knackered.


Some thoughts on last week:

  • Minnesota did just about everything I could ask for. It was a close game that nearly went down to the wire
  • I was very pleasantly surprised by the Hokies. The only thing was that I missed the game as I was getting a nice buzz sitting on the “Terrace” at the Wisconsin Campus. I had such a good time I didn’t regret missing the Hokies outstanding defensive performance
  • Like the Gophers, Wisconsin nearly met expectations. A wire to wire game that was great to watch. Just a blast, but it felt like, even with the two PSU picks, that Wisconsin lost that game rather than PSU won it.
  • The Golden Flashes kept it close for awhile, but I knew the heat and their depth would catch up with them. A&M did what they were supposed to.

Other observations:

  • Good job by FSU. Maybe that program is finally turning the corner. Miami, however, not so much.
  • What exactly does the defense do at Oklahoma’s practices? Maybe they spend a lot of time on non-violent, problem resolution. How else do you explain 35 points to the Green Wave of Tulane?
  • Unless Georgia’s season goes into the toilet, Clemson won’t see much impact from this loss if they run the table from here on. It may be the same for LSU’s loss to UCLA, but I doubt it.
  • How’s that Grizzly cupcake taste, UW? Bitter, I would guess.
  • Nice to see Iowa State managed to survive the annual UNI scare
  • It didn’t take long for the other shoe to drop on Randy Edsell at UConn. Frost at Nebraska can’t be too confident beating up on Fordham, especially when Illinois loses to UTSA.

I am not loving my picks this week. There’s still not enough of a baseline to really know the UMass from the Bama’s yet. So with that disclaimer in place, here are my picks.

  • I was only slightly impressed with Ohio State last week. They really couldn’t stop Minnesota. I get the feeling the Ducks can keep it under fourteen.
  • I really don’t believe in the Huskies, but strange things can happen when coaches get fired. Plus, always bet against Cakes! (See the Sports Junkies on 106.7 the Fan in DC).
  • Again, this is really a guess, but I think the Cougars will be just enough to cover against the Owls.
  • Maybe Montana is really good, but I doubt it. I think Michigan runs away with this one.