Roll Damn Tide – for real!

This week, I am off to “Bama to witness the execution of Ole Miss at the hands of the Crimson Tide. I know what you are thinking: Why not save “Bama for a big game? I have been trying to for years, but between the strength of the Tide, their steady diet of cupcakes, and a generally weak lower half of the SEC all combine to make finding a competitive home opponent for a ‘Bama game more difficult than Antonio Brown taking the high road.

Notes Games 4

It was a good week to watch a lot of college football. Tulane broke out those sweet light blue uniforms (would have been perfect if only they had included the angry wave helmet as well) for their upset of the Coogs. The exciting finish with the fake kneel down was a sign of more exciting things to come for Week Four. My only regret is going to bed and seeing it the morning after. That put me down one on my picks, but sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. It was sweet hook job by LA Tech on Friday night with an onside kick-off TD return to get me my cover. Unfortunately UConn was clearly not as good on the road as at home. Apparently, even the 27 points they were getting were not going to get me the win against Indiana. (I did find the UConn home game experience to be enjoyable. See the latest review here.) However, ND saved my bacon with their late touchdown against Georgia to put my picks at 2-2 for the week. 

Other thoughts for this weekend:  

  • ESPN’s Game Day feels like it needs a bit of a shake-up. The “you had one job” is getting stale. It is everything you have already seen on Twitter, Reddit, etc.from the previous week. Perhaps, some “On the road” feeds from lesser known stadiums would be a good feature. We, at somanystadiums are ready and willing. 
  • Despite not being selected to share my experience on the “150 Years of College Football”, I did love the Chocolate Labrador storming the field at Georgia story. I am a sucker for dog stories, especially ones with Labs. 
  • I thought Notre Dame played fairly well against Georgia. I am not a big Notre Dam fan, but their tight end Cole Kmet is a stud. I wouldn’t characterize the Dawgs as holding on though. The Irish were in full desperation mode at the end.
  • I would say the same about the Texas A&M and Oklahoma State near comebacks, more “a hope and a prayer” than anything else. And, while I loved the Pitt win, it did feel like UCF was the better team even though they lost.
  • But look, they were all certainly much more competitive than Michigan at Wisconsin. There’s nothing positive for the Wolverines to take away in that absolute beat down. It is beginning to feel the Harbaugh era will be one of good to very good, but never great. 
  • So ODU almost beats VA, Maybe Va Tech is better than I think? Furman did just pound Mercer and nearly beat Georgia State. And, didn’t Georgia State beat the SEC’s Tennessee. And well, beating an SEC team is something right? Wait, San Jose State beat Arkansas this week?!? Nevermind. Va. Tech is still clearly a wait and see proposition.
  • Pitt upsets UCF, Think about that statement, Pitt upsets UCF. I am not sure the AAC is comparable to the ACC, but it is getting much closer. Open the playoffs to eight teams and you may get some surprising answers.
  • UCLA vs. Washington St. – Again, I went to bed. The Bruins were getting boat-race and then a track meet broke out. UCLA roared back for the win. The tackling was atrocious in that game. The defenses were so bad, both teams covered the Over. 
  • Whew: Virginia over ODU, Cal over Ole Miss, Fla St. over Louisville
  • Doh: TCU loss to SMU, Washington St. loss to UCLA UNC loss to App. State. 

Lastly, it is a poke in my eye every time ESPN runs that ad for their new relationship with the ACC network, immediately followed by an ad for Xfinity, who has not yet picked up that network. My only satisfaction is that some poor bastard at ESPN is stuck serving the Comcast/Xfinity relationship.

Week 4 will be tough to match, but there are some good games on the slate this weekend. I am staying consistent with picking Thursday and Friday games. I really don’t like the Navy Memphis game because I don’t think we know enough about either team. Since I have to make a pick, I am going with Navy being able to at least keep it close. Friday night was easy. I think PSU will roll over Maryland despite the extra seats and fans. Saturday, I feel compelled to pick the Ole Miss Bama game since I will be there. The line is 38.5 which seems crazy high, but Ole Miss has looked pretty bad. For my last pick, I am going to keep riding the La. Tech Dawgs. Rice is just struggling.

Other thoughts on this week’s slate:

  • Pretty good slate for Friday night. Beyond PSU, the Duke vs Va Tech game should be a good one. I also think ASU can play with Cal. Will have to find a sports bar in Meridian, Mississippi for the night.
  • I am guessing Michigan will take out all their frustrations on poor Rutgers
  • Same for the Aggies against the Razorbacks
  • NIU could give the SEC another out of conference loss. Stay sharp Vanderbilt
  • Delaware at Pitt – A classic trap game, especially after Pitt upsets UCF
  • I can’t make heads or tails of the PAC12 – Maybe I will understand after USC vs Washington
  • Ark St. vs. Troy – A Sun Belt classic. Seriously, I could see myself watching that game
  • Bleh game of the week: 0-4 Akron at 0-4 UMass. I guess somebody has to win, but it won’t be the fans.

That’s all I got. Enjoy the games.



A great start to the season

NRG Web HOUThis year’s schedule started out with a bang. Even though it was a neutral site game, I decided to check out the Oklahoma versus Houston game at NRG field. I figured with an 11am kickoff, there would not be as much demand and scalpers would be dumping tickets. Looking for a repeat of my NCAA Basketball Championship game where I scored a lower level seat for $50, I drove to downtown. My buddy Tom was meeting me for the game. I had told him I had a firm limit of $50 for my seats and a no regrets policy. Surprisingly, we didn’t see anyone trying to dump tickets but it was early, still an hour before kickoff. I was a bit concerned when I didn’t see any scalpers at the Metro train station. We walked further toward the stadium but with little luck. We turned back toward the station and waited a little longer. I finally spotted a scalper and Tom went over to see what he had. He came back seats at the top for $50. While I think we could have done a little better with some patience, we were at least able to get in the stadium and out of the sun.

The biggest concern was that Oklahoma was going to come in and run roughshod over the Cougars. Sooner Fan was certainly confident enough, judging by all the cracks they were making towards the Houston fans. There were a lot of them and they were cocksure  that their team was going to roll over Houston. To their credit, the Houston Cougar fans were representing as well. At least half of the stadium was in Cougar red, white and blue. The game was a blow out, but it was Houston that was doing the ass-kicking. The first half was well-balanced, ending with the Cougars up by two, 19 -17. After a weak drive by the Cougars, the Sooners drove down the field before they had to settle for a 53 yard field goal. Or at least that’s what they were hoping for. Undoubtedly, you have seen the replay of the 109 yard field goal return, Seeing it live, it was electrifying and NRG became the Thunder Dome. It was pretty much all Cougars from that point and a great start for the weekend.

UT Longhorn webSunday, I was off to Austin to see UT take on the Golden Domers. Thanks to a kindhearted Longhorn from work, I had scored three tickets and a parking pass. We started tailgating at about 1:30 and I had instant flashbacks of the Auburn vs LSU last where tailgating outside was like being inside a sauna. Again, I was not sure if the home team was going to show up. But just like the Coogs, the Longhorns were up to the task. However, this game was a back and forth affair. When Texas lined up to kick the extra point to go ahead by three, you could see the chaos on the field. Why they didn’t call time out, I will never know. Instead the PAT was blocked and the Irish, unbelievably returned it all the way to get two points and knot the game at 37. Two overtimes later the Longhorns had secured the win in fantastic game. Along the way, there was free a slotdog, short sundresses with cowboy boots, drunken Irishmen, and Dale Gribble. But I will save that for the review.




Some random thoughts:

  • I said it last year, and I will say it again. The SEC is not the dominant conference it once was.
  • There’s no reason to go see a day football game in the South in September. Just too damn hot.
  • Welcome to the Big 12, U of H.
  • Two Jamaican restaurants in Houston, but only one next to NRG. Yeah Mon!
  • Stanford’s Christian McCaffery is a freak.
  • Way to take a stand LSU by suspending Josh Boutte for that pathetic cheap shot. Very courageous to make him sit against……Jacksonville State.
  • Hey Mississippi State how did your cupcake taste?
  • Texas State wins in 3rd OT, maybe seeing them three times will be a good thing.
  • So how many people do you think saw both a kick six and a blocked PAT return for two, live in one weekend?

This week we are off to Iowa to see the renewal of the Iowa State – Iowa rivalry. Looking forward to another great weekend.