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Week of 9/9/2013

Wrap Up from Last Week: Team Momo/Pat picked up TCU last week. Unfortunately, Tree picked up two stadiums, Boston College and UMass. Momo even got into the action, grabbing a game at LSU. He didn’t pick up any points but…

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Week of 9/2/2013

Where We Are This Week: So before we get to that; A brief summary of last week: Tree was the only one to “Tick the Box” last week by picking up Bowling Green. He managed to sit next to Johnny…

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Week of 8/30/2013

Brief Update: Tulsa at Bowling Green Tree picked up where he left off last season, knocking down a game on the opening day. By driving all the way from DC to Western Pa to Bowling Green and then back to…

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Week of 8/26/2013

Where We Are This Week: Matt: Tailgating Thu 8/29, 7pm: Tulsa at Bowling Green, Doyt L. Perry Stadium, Bowling Green, OH This should be a dandy. A nice way to start the season off. Shea: In the Crowd Sat…

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