2013 Season Review

By Tree

I realize this seems a little late, but it takes awhile to put all this great (hah) data together. It was a very good year and I saw some great games and individual performances. I also had a chance to witness Clemson’s epic fail. Enjoy the roundup in easily digested nuggets:

The Games

  • Total Games Attended:  13 (14 if you include Delaware)
  • Best Team Seen: Florida State, National Champions
  • Final AP Top Twenty Teams Seen: 6 – FSU, South Carolina, Clemson, UCF, UCLA, USC
  • Worst Team: FIU
  • Bottom Ten Teams Seen: 2 – FIU, UMass
  • Best Game Seen: Fresno State 41 Boise State 40, 9/20/2013
  • Worst Game Seen: Fla State 51 vs Clemson 14, 10/19/2013 (At Clemson for godsakes!)
  • Bowl Game Teams Seen: 17

 The Players

  • College Award winners seen:
    • Heisman, Walter Camp, O’Brien: QB J. Winston FSU
    • Doak Walker: RB: A. Williams BC – simply a beast in the game I saw
    • Rimington: C B. Stork FSU
    • Groza: K R. Aguayo, FSU
    • Lott: LB A. Barr, UCLA
    • All Americans: 15
  • Other studs: Clowney SC,  Bortles UCF, Carr Fresno State

The Facilities

  • Best Stadium: Neyland Stadium, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Worst Stadium: FIU Stadium, Florida International, Miami
  • Easiest Stadium to Get To: Bowling Green: right off the Interstate
  • Hardest Stadium to Get To: Clemson: Traffic up the wazoo and nowhere to park
  • Best Concessions: USC: LA Coliseum: endless local selections – fresh food everywhere
  • Worst Concessions: UMass (Gillette Stadium): A discarded pizza box would have been better than the rock hard fried dough I got.
  • Best Souvenir: $20 for a sweet Blue Hens Hoodie
  • Worst Souvenir: $10 UMass beer cozy

The Costs

  • Total Season Spend: $2,600; Ave per Game: $186
  • Most Expensive Ticket: Clemson – $197.45 for nosebleed seats off of stub hub!
  • Cheapest Ticket: Old Dominion – Free in a catered corporate box
  • Average Ticket Price Paid: $35, ex Clemson $19
  • Average Savings on Scalped Tickets: $23 saved per ticket
  • Best Savings on Scalped Ticket: USC , saved $45 over face value


  • Miles Driven: ~2,800
  • Miles Flown: ~7,000 (Boston, LA, Orlando)
  • Three Game Weeks: Two – Fresno State/USC/UCLA & UCF/FAU/FIU
  • Best Fans: Tennessee – Couldn’t have been nicer
  • Worst Fans: UCLA: But I am not sure the drunk on the subway platform was at all representative of the Bruins
  • Most Attractive Fans: USC hands down – no contest
  •  “Does your mom know you are wearing that?” fans: Tie – FAU and East Carolina
  • Most Pleasant Surprise: UCF Experience – extremely well done across the board. Nice facility, free parking and vibrant fan base.
  • Factoid interesting only to me: I have seen UCF play three times and they have always won big.
  • Most Questionable Random Google Ad on SoManyStadiums.com site: Asian Brides site?!?