Week of 9/15/2014

Where we are at this week:

So for the third weekend, nobody is on the road. Given that the collective group had hit 6 games on opening weekend, it isn’t surprising that everyone is collecting their breath. Tree will be stuck in the Far East for two weeks where even catching games on TV is a challenge.

Tree’s Random Thoughts on Week 3 – 9/14/2014 :

  • How does Va Tech go from upsetting Ohio State in Columbus to losing at home to East Carolina? 
  • At 1 – 10 versus the Power 5 conferences, the Big 10 needs to start showing something, anything….
  • I managed to catch most of the Tenn vs OU game despite being in Singapore, with an assist from the internet keeping me up-to-date on other games.
  • With South Carolina’s win over Georgia and Missouri undefeated, perhaps a convergence with Game Day is in the cards in a couple of weeks.
  • Congrats to Kentucky for showing up against Fla. # Moral victories.
  • The Hokies choke job notwithstanding. The ACC is looking pretty good right now thanks to BC upsetting USC.
  • Top three conferences so far: SEC, PAC 12, and then the ACC.