Where we are at 11/17/14: Thank you sir, may I have another…

So after witnessing Florida give away a win to South Carolina, I head on over to Duke to watch the Tar Heels battle the Blue Devils. Unfortunately this is not basketball, so a tightly contested match-up seems unlikely. Of course, it is a rivalry game so anything is possible. I, however, have the sinking feeling that this game could be over by halftime. Given the current polar vortex covering most of the country, it might not be so bad to be leaving at halftime.

I follow up this game with a visit to Wake Forest in Winston Salem, where the Hokies are coming to town. This is not exactly shaping up to be a classic, but whenever is a game a classic at Wake Forest? Irregardless, two more stadiums is a good thing.

Some Random Thoughts from last week:

  • No issues with Alabama being number 1. Back to back big wins by the Crimson Tide
  • Florida State is overrated. It wouldn’t surprise me if BC jumped up and upset them.
  • Nobody was happier than Ohio State when the Hokies upset Duke.
  • I know everyone focuses on the top four, but the committee not having Marshall in the Top 25 is garbage. 10 – 0 should get you at least that much.

Note: I am not sure if I should be impressed or depressed by the fact that I could turn on ESPN tonight and immediately identify Toledo’s Glass Bowl Stadium. Maybe I am watching too much football…….Nah, that can’t be right.