Where we are at: 11/10/14

“So I thought it would be a marquee match up” by Tree

So I am off to sunny Florida this week to see the Gamecocks of South Carolina in a great battle of mediocrity. Tickets have dropped by over half from $111 this summer to $46 on Stub Hub right now. I guess that’s all you really need to know. Well, at least it is the SEC so it ought to be a party. Staying with my Pops in Fort Myers, so the noon start for this game is a real drag with nearly a 4 hour drive up to Gainesville. Was hoping to hit the Sports Illustrated Tailgating RV but that might not happen.

In an ironic twist, Momo is heading up my way to see Georgia Southern take on Navy. It’s a shame I already had booked the flight to Florida. It would have been nice to take in the game, even if I have already been to Navy-Marine Corp Memorial Stadium.

Random thoughts for the week:

  • Another classic for the SEC with the ‘Bama – LSU game. Why the hell the Tigers were passing in OT made no sense to me.
  • Florida State still feels overrated.
  • That Va Tech loss is gonna burn Ohio State in the end.
  • Will the real Texas A&M please stand up?