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Week 13 – Rivalry Week

Of course, it is Thanksgiving but even better, it is Rivalry week. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. The traditions, the trophies, and the “plain old hate” make this a great week to watch football. It…

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Week Twelve

  Last weekend, we had a crew at Sam Houston State to help me celebrate my pending retirement. It was a great day, if a little cold. Well, for the native Texans it was very cold. For the transplants from…

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Week 10

This week was originally planned to be a double header in Kansas, but only if the game times allowed for attending both. With the way the Jayhawks were playing it looked like a night game was in the cards, but…

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R&R 2.0

We had an absolute blast at Indiana last week. It was with the 9 O’clock club, who are a lock for two things. One, we will laugh all weekend. Two, the weekend ends at 9 O’clock Saturday night. Rest and…

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