Guidelines for Optimizing a Listing

You can find all your listings under “More” on the main menu bar of the site:

You can then update your listings from that menu. You can chance the price, etc. Clicking on Listings will give you this.

Clicking on a specific listing, will give you an opportunity to update the listing.

The screen shows you the options to update on your listing:

  • Details: Various fields that were previously entered
  • Calendar: An ability to lock out dates so it is easier to make sure the correct date is entered for tailgate
  • Bookings: These are bookings associated with the listing

Update the Calendar

The one item we recommend updating is the calendar. You can lockout dates before and after your tailgate. This will make it easier for guests to select the correct date on the bookings page. Obviously, your tailgate is on the date of the game, but locking out all but the day of and day after the game makes it much clearer.

We recommend both day and day after, because while a guest can book just one day, it requires a double click on the single date for the date to be entered on the form. This can be frustrating for users. Clicking the day of and the day after when booking can be easier.

Clicking on the calendar brings up the following:

(1) Highlight the days you want locked out and then select (2) the padlock button to lock out those dates:

The dates are now blocked out and can’t be selected. The shading difference is slight on your screen, but for the user, the date will clearly not be available on their calendar. Again, this isn’t required, but it should make booking your tailgate easier.

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