Five hours and change

This week we’re off to Illinois and then the Big House. Before that, some random thoughts on last week’s game.

  • For Oklahoma State not supposedly being a good defense, their DBs were teeing off on the Boise State receivers. They looked like LSU out there.
  • The Tigers (LSU) know how to bring the wood. Big, big win.
  • That Va Tech win over FSU doesn’t seem too impressive now. The Seminoles are a bad team but visiting Doak Campbell Stadium is worth the trip. (The FSU review is in).
  • Luck of the Irish.
  • The faux fair catch punt return for a TD by North Texas against Arkansas was classic.
  • U of H vs. Texas Tech game was a track meet. 35 -28 at halftime?!?
  • The Michigan Nebraska game gets worse and worse. Maybe the Huskers are finally ready to turn it around?

I hope so because they are the ones putting a crimp in my weekend. The original plan was to hit PSU versus Illinois Friday night and then follow up with Michigan State versus Indiana. When I proposed this to my buddy Jeff, he countered with the Nebraska versus Michigan game. He noted that Champagne is incredibly boring and Bloomington is worse. That there was a possibility that the Michigan game could be at noon and that would make for a miserable drive Friday night was deemed to be low risk. Fast forward to this week and Nebraska is limping into Ann Arbor at 0-2. Michigan lost to ND and no TV executive would put that game on at any other time than noon. The kicker is that Indiana is 3 and 0 and Michigan State has one loss so that game may be a lot more competitive. And then there’s this, a 6:30 PM kickoff for that game. We could have partied with the Lions on Friday night (or the Illini if they pull off a huge upset) and still have been plenty rested for tailgating on Saturday afternoon.

I blame myself really. What was I thinking when I agreed to this slog? Five hour drive and with an hour’s time change? Shoot, all in a days work at  All I know is my boys better be ready to roll Saturday morning because I sure will be.