Where we are at: 9/24/15

Coming up for Air by Tree

After back to back to back weekend games, it is time to take a couple weekends off and catch up on some reviews. Last week we got to see Leonard Fournette simply abuse the Auburn defense. We were afraid the game would be a blow out and our worst fears came true.  On the other hand, it is rare to see a running back looking for people to run over. It was as if Jim Brown had put on an LSU jersey. I swear I felt a couple of those hits and we were sitting in the upper deck.

So this week, the SoManyStadiums gang will be watching five screens from the couch or may possibly just one poolside. In either case, life is good. I guess I will be watching UCLA vs Arizona, Utah vs Oregon, and I must admit BYU vs Michigan. I secretly hope the Oregon St game against Stanford and the Oregon game are duds. Going up to the great Northwest was on my short list this week for a very doable double header. If I miss two great games, I will be miserable.


Random thoughts for the week:

  • I saw Clemson squeaked out another. It will take a long time before I ever put money on them.
  • Thanks to modern technology, we managed to watch the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game all the way back from Baton Rouge. We live in marvelous age.
  • Northwestern 3 – 0 , I repeat Northwestern 3 – 0
  • Tough loss BYU, but props for your out of conference schedule. Of course, when your team is made up 26 year old men, you can schedule that way.
  • I am just not sure that the SEC is the best conference anymore. Well, okay, maybe still the best but the margin is very, very small these days.