Where we are at: 11/6/15

Domo Arigato Mr. So-blotto by TreeMr Blotto

On my way back from Singapore from what has been an awful trip to the Far East. First my driver was half hour late picking me up on Saturday at 5:45am, then my flight is delayed due to mechanical problems so I missed my direct international flight to Shanghai. Thankfully, I had access to the business class lounge because American Airlines customer service in the airport was horrendous. In the end, I was tag-teaming my company’s travel agency and working the lounge customer service desk to ultimately secure a later flight to Shanghai through Hong Kong. This put me into Shanghai at midnight instead of 3pm. I was really on fumes by the time I get picked up by the hotel driver.

Unfortunately, the driver was sicker than a dog and hacked all the way the hotel. By Tuesday night I was toast, barely able to croak out my name to introduce myself. I finally turned the corner on Thursday night by eating lots of Pepper & Chili crab while consuming large quantities of Tiger Beer. My voice was slightly improved on Friday morning, and I continue to lubricate my vocal cords with various beers from the Far East. I sound slightly better and the buzz helps take the edge off of my hacking cough.  I have one last leg to catch from Tokyo. I should be able to watch the full slate of college games this weekend, but I have the feeling I may be out cold by the time LSU and Bama play.  

Random thoughts for the week:

  • I can’t get to excited about the rankings at this point. There is a lot of football yet to be played and this will get worked out.
  • If Memphis wins out, they should get a spot. But, my guess is that they get upset somewhere along the way, making all this hand-waving and woe is me a moot point.
  • The obsession with college football ends at the U.S. border. I could get MLB and NFL even in China but it was a college football desert everywhere else in the AP.
  • Pulling for the Panthers to bounce back and upset Notre Dame. It is the kind of game the Irish should win, but just might lose.
  • Same goes for Minnesota against Ohio State. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Buckeyes finally stumble.