Where we are at: 10/29/15

Slow boat to China by Tree

As much as I try to avoid it, I always seemed to have to make a trip to the Far East in the fall. This year’s trip is a double whammy. Not only do I lose a weekend flying over there, I also miss out on the “Fall Back” extra night’s sleep. Third year in a row for this trip, and the bloom is off the rose. So in short, I will not be catching any games in person for the next couple of weeks.

Random thoughts for the week:

  • We had great time at Rice despite the rain. Nothing like seeing an underdog hang tough.
  • With the 11am start, I was back home and drying off in time to see the end of a number of afternoon games which was pretty nice.
  • It was tough to watch the Hokies lose in 4 OTs to Duke. I think I heard my son crying in Va. way down in Tx.
  • The Tennessee vs. ‘Bama game turned out to be pretty good as well.
  • But the keeper was the Georgia Tech’s last minute scoop and score to win over FSU.
  • I had a man cave full guys watch that Georgia Tech game and the room erupted on that play.
  • I can’t believe that the UNC vs. Pitt game is between to one-loss teams.
  • I really can’t believe that Game Day is going to Philly for the Temple game. Happy for the Owls, but watching Temple at the Linc is painful…