What a crazy week of upsets….

Well, at least Western Michigan took care of business. First Bowling Green beats Akron at Akron on Wednesday night. Okay, so maybe the Falcons beating the Zips wasn’t on the agenda of most folks, but it was still an upset. Thursday night Duke upsets North Carolina. Saturday, however, is when everything went to hell. Pitt beats Clemson in a game that I had highlighted last week. I didn’t see Iowa beating Michigan, but I did also mention that USC had a shot against Washington. The Buckeye’s thumping of Maryland was also on my list. Of course, I think everyone in a America saw that coming. The Tide, well, keeps rolling. The funny thing is that with all those upsets, nothing really changed in the polls. All those teams still have a legitimate shots – I mean Clemson, Michigan and Washington. I spent Saturday watching what was absolutely not an upset. I was at the Alamodome where thousands of Irish fan were trying to convince themselves that crushing Army proves they are much better then their 4-6 record. The stadium didn’t count for me, but it was a good scouting mission for a future UTSA Roadrunner game. Our tailgate on the other hand was very good, complete with chicken wings fried right on the spot.

armyndThis week I am off. After four weekends in a row, I am due for some down time. Houston plays Louisville on Thursday night, but I am fairly sure the wife would put her foot down on that one. Too bad because it might be one of the better games this week. Lots of cupcakes on the schedule as everyone tries to become bowl eligible. The best game of the week is probably OU at West Virginia. It’s the ABC Saturday night game. I thought GameDay might head to Morgantown, but instead they give Western Michigan a solid by coming to Kalamazoo. The Broncos should destroy the University of Buffalo Bison. So maybe Saturday is a good day to get caught up the honey-do’s because the next week is one of the best weekends in college football. RIVALRY WEEK!