Week of 9/22/2014

Where we are at:

My plan is to be in Columbia, SC for the Tigers versus the Gamecocks. I say plan because it will be returning from the Far East on Wednesday and I am not sure if I will be recovered from jet lag for the 7 hour drive. The game is a night game so it is pretty likely that I will be able to make the trip. With Indiana upsetting the Missouri this week, some of the luster of this game has diminished. It should mean a cheaper ticket.

UPDATE: I get off the plane from China to find out the ESPN Gameday is going to be at Columbia. So my plans have changed, and I will definitely be heading down Friday. Scrambling now to work the logistics.

Random thoughts from Week 4.

  • I guess Virginia Tech’s quarterback woes aren’t exactly over. After a stellar performance against Ohio State, Brewer has certainly struggled.
  • I loved Sports Illustrated’s cover, “Peaking Duck” for Oregon, but they got a lot of help from the officials on that blown interference call at Washington State.
  • Someone should tell Jameis Winston that being leader is more about not getting suspended before the game instead of cheering on your teammates at the game afterwards. And, he can only play the “youth” card for so long. At some point, he needs to grow up.
  • Wisconsin (and the Big 10) needs LSU to perform better if they want to get into the “tournament”
  • You gotta respect how Alabama takes care of business. Impressive.
  • ┬áThe “American Football” is just that, American. There is virtually no college and little NFL presence in the Far East. I would tell Roger Goodell to get on that but I think he’s got more pressing matters at hand.

Bonus Review: Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

September 21, 2014, Ticket Prices $180 Singaporean Dollars or more

Race horizontal

The Site:

Race SignSingapore is a clean and safe city. I tend to describe it as a giant mall. It is nice because it is easy to get around and it is very westernized. I am told there is a dark and seamy side that goes beyond the “Four Floors” but I have never seen that. As the song says, “I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine” so I can’t comment on it. In regards to the race, I did not actually go the race but I did get to see quite a bit of the course before hand. It was the first F1 race to be at night and it makes for some spectacular viewing. However, most people said that sitting in the grandstands is a fairly benign experience as you just watch the cars go zooming by. You can also buy walkabout tickets which is akin to walking a course at a PGA tournament. Go early enough and get a good position and you could see a pretty good show. Turns out a big part of the attractions are the post race concerts. Headlining the events this year were none other than John Legend and good ‘ol Jenny from the block. Unfortunately, J-Lo did not return my calls…


Getting to Singapore is fairly easy, just hop a flight and roughly 18 hours later you are there. The city is normally easy to move about with ease and I bought a tourist weekend pass for $20 that got me everywhere I needed to go quickly and safely. However, once the racing started it was more congested and I stayed in less affected areas such as Orchard Road and Clark Quay.

The Race:

Singapore f1 carNot much to add here. Lewis Hamilton won the race. Evidently he passed on going to the pit when everyone else did in hopes his tires would last. It was a good strategy as he was able to hold off some late coming drivers to win.

Personal Notes:

F1, and motor sports in general, just aren’t my bag. And when asked by the locals, they recommended watching the race on the telly. I took that route heading to an Irish pub that was charging an insane $16 a pint for Tiger Beer. Ah when in Rome… I like the city, but it is small and having been here several times I have exhausted everything there is to do, from the night safari to Sentosa (which is fairly weak by Western standards). Like I said, the city is safe and clean and there is certainly a lot to look at from great architecture to a citizenry of the fit and fashionable. All this is good in small doses. Extending a flight layover for a day or two makes sense, but a week’s vacation here, F1 or not, would be a disappointment.Singapore sands