Week of 9/2/2013

Where We Are This Week:

So before we get to that; A brief summary of last week:

BGTickBoxTree was the only one to “Tick the Box” last week by picking up Bowling Green. He managed to sit next to Johnny Football’s cousin’s husband if you can figure out that convoluted lineage. Anyway, Tree says the guy was great, personable and intelligent. He mentioned that Manziel has always been a fantastic athlete. Everyone needs to remember he is still a kid. It doesn’t excuse his behavior, but it explains it. Read more about Tree’s adventures on the Bowling Green Review. He was very happy he did not go to the Indiana vs Indiana State game.

While Tree was slumming it in the stands, both Shady and Pat were living it up in luxury boxes at the Texas Kickoff Classic in Houston and the Cowboys Classic in Dallas respectively. They did not pick up more stadiums but they definitely ate better than Tree’s heat lamp pretzel.

Other Random Thoughts from the first Week:

Be worried Saban, don’t worry Beamer, just fire your Special Teams coach – ohh wait?

Really Georgia Tech, you had to put 70 on Elon?!?

Way to start the season off right K-State.

You too Iowa for sleeping on the MAC

Don’t look now but the Military academies are undefeated

Thanks Georgia & Clemson for a great game.

Tree: In the Crowd in Beantown

Fri 9/6, 8pm Wake Forest at Boston College, Sat 9/7, Maine at UMass

Friday night should be nice, but viewing the UMass game at ugh, Gillette Stadium with much trepidation.

Pat: In the Crowd

Sat 9/7, 11am EST, SE Louisiana at TCU

Doing his part to keep his team on track. Pat just wants to make sure he is back home to watch LSU play that night.

Shady and Momo: Inactive