Week of 11/5/2013

Wrap up for the week:

Everyone was idle including Tree who was still smarting from the horrible game at Clemson a couple of weeks ago. Reviews for both are now posted.

Where We are at this Week:

Shady is heading up to Madison for the BYU vs Wisconsin game which will pick up another stadium for his team. Tree is contemplating two different options, neither of which will add to his count but after sitting out the last two weeks, he is ready to see some more stadiums. He’s narrowed it down to the ND at Pitt or W&M versus Delaware. He’s already got Pitt in the books but from the old Pitt stadium. A trip to Heinz stadium would be a new experience. After the Clemson debacle, Tree has no desire to overpay for a blow-out. Plus Pitt plays NC a week later at home and that game may be more competitive and definitely cheaper. The Delaware alternate is intriguing because it is both close and strategic as it is anticipated the Blue Hens are likely to jump to FBS soon.

He’s looking for advice on his choice so send him some feedback at tree@somanystadiums.com