Week of 11/25/2013

Wrap up of Last Week:

Week:Tree expanded both his and his team’s lead by completing a rare triple weekend. That was unfortunately thing rare about the weekend. All games were blowouts as expected. However, he was very impressed with University of Central Florida, both the team and the overall experience. FAU also looked good, but how could they not when they are playing the hapless Aggies of New Mexico State in sunny Boca Raton, FL? The last game was a real stinker. He and the other 1,000 or so fans at FIU should have asked for their money back.

Where we are this Week:

Nobody is on the road this week. Tree had big aspirations to pick up two games in the midwest, but winter storm Boreas ruined that plan. Best to just sit at home, eat turkey and watch football where it safe and warm.

Happy Thanksgiving from Everyone here at SoManyStadiums.com!