Week of 11/18/2013

Wrap up of previous week:

Tree was the only one out last week. He hit Delaware in a preemptive strike in hopes the Blue Hens some day make the jump from FCS to FBS. He was treated to a barn burner for his troubles. The game wasn’t decided until the final seconds of the game. Read his review to get the full story.

As Tree watched ESPN’s College Football Final, it occurred to him that he’s had a good year, seeing some of the biggest players of the year. The list includes Clowney from Clemson, BC’s stud running back Andre Williams, Stud QB Derek Carr from Fresno State, UCLA Linebacker Miles Jack, and FSU QB Jameis Winston. We are sure there are more, but not a bad roster in the base case.

Where we are this Week:

Tree is the only one on the road this week and he’s taking a big bird to get there. He is off to get some fun and sun in Florida. On Thursday night, he will be watching Rutgers take on UCF. On Saturday, it is a tight doubleheader: New Mex State vs FAU and Marshall at FIU. Clearly he won’t be able to see all of both games, but the rules say you only get a half. Being a true fan, Tree says he hopes the Owls pound the Aggies so he can duck out of there at halftime with a clear conscience. Having seen New Mexico State get pounded by UCLA earlier this year, he know’s this is a distinct possibility.