Week of 10/21/2013

Wrap Up for Previous Week

Tree had what was setting up for an epic Saturday with plans to hit SC at Tenn followed by the biggest game of the year so far, Fla. State vs Clemson. Unfortunately, Clemson forgot to show up for the game leaving Tree to witness a truly awful display of football by the Tigers. However, two valuable lessons were learned.

One, if you are going to spend $200 on a ticket, you might as well spend $250 and get a decent seat.With seats at the top of Clemson Memorial Stadium, Tree was tweeting for a sherpa and some oxygen.

Two, when you’ve got a marquee game on the docket, there’s no sense in trying to cram in a second game before and after. You might as well dedicate the entire day to the one game so you can enjoy all the festivities before and after the game.

With the rest of SoManyStadiums crew idle, Tree increased the Shady Tree team to a whopping 56 stadiums, 20 more than Momo/Pat.

This Week

All is quiet this week, with everyone idle. Tree was going to do a long weekend, hitting MTSU on Thursday and Appalachian State on Saturday. However, he has said he can’t take another 20+ hours of driving. Rumor is he still might sneak up to Maryland to tailgate with some old friends. He vows not to go to the game unless a ticket can by had for $20.

Other News:

If you see this vehicle on the road, give it a friendly honk or wave. It’s Tree off to another game.

Car Magnet applied