Week of 10/14/2013

Wrap up for the Week:

Only Pat managed to get to a game on 10/12/2013. He watched LSU pound Florida from the comfortable confines of a luxury box. Everyone else was idle. Tree had been silent for the last couple of weekends as he was on a business trip in Asia Pacific. He was happy to to get home to catch some great upsets the past week.

Where We are At this Week:

UPDATE: With the weather in Toledo looking like rain, Tree went to his fall back plan to attend the SC vs Tennessee game. He than realized that he could also pick up the Clemson game. All off a sudden a disapointing weekend has migrated to an awesome one.

Tree will be hitting Toledo to see the Midshipmen take on the Rockets. Unfortunately, the game was picked up by ESPN thus ruining a doubleheader. Tree had planned on catching Eastern Michigan at 1pm and then Toledo at 7pm. Now he can only pick up one game next weekend. The rest of the players are idle.

Other News:

Our hats are in – check the gear section to order one – only $12 with free shipping.

New reviews published for Fresno State, USC and UCLA. Check them out!

If you were wondering what Shady looks like, we now have a photo.