Week Eleven – Is Sam Houston State FBS ready?

Back on the road for our final game of the season. We are making the short trip to Huntsville, Texas to catch the Bearkats before they make the jump to FBS. I say “we” because it will be me and about 50 of my friends as we celebrate my pending retirement. Since Sam Houston State is not exactly the draw that UT or Texas A&M is, I put together a few reasons (ten actually) on why the should come celebrate with me.

  1. Northern I-45 is really beautiful this time of year.
  2. If you say “Remember the Alamo” three times in front of the Sam Houston Statue, he will shed a tiny tear.
  3. Mimosas, Mimosas, Mimosas.
  4. Huntsville, Tx is almost as nice as its namesake, Huntsville, AL.
  5. The Bearkats are the only team to have ever won a “Spring” FCS National Championship.
  6. Attending a Somanystadiums.com tailgate is a must for every college football fan’s bucket list.
  7. There’s plenty of time for a side trip to visit “Old Sparky” at the Huntsville Prison Museum.
  8. Corn hole for Cash.
  9. If we have 50 attendees, we get a visit from Sammy Bearkat, pregame field access, and group photo after. At a hundred, I think they will rename the stadium after us.
  10. It is Texas football without the Cult of Texas A&M or the Underperformance of UT.

Last Week’s Result

It was a good week for me as I went 4 – 0 on my picks for the first time in a long time. To be honest, it was about as stress free as it gets. The teams I picked were all pretty much ahead the whole day. Even Liberty jumped out to a big lead over Arkansas. And when the Razorback did made a run late in the game, it didn’t matter because the Flames were getting 14.5 points. The biggest disappointment was that the Tennessee vs Georgia game turned out to be a bit blow out. However, Bama at LSU more than made up for it. Instant classic is overused these days, but it was a great game.

  • I knew the Oregon State vs Washington game was going to be a good one. Unfortunately, my head was nodding by 8:30pm.
  • Some nice shake ups in polls coming with Clemson and Alabama losing the weekend.
  • Oregon and Bo Nix have certainly turned things around. They are both hotter than two dollar pistols.
  • Shame that Liberty lost their first game of the season. The Flames are on fire and will very likely run the table for the rest of the season. Lord knows the woeful Hokies are not going to slow them down.

This Week’s Picks

I am not exactly confident of my picks this week. I was surprised that the Horned Frogs are seven point underdogs to University of Texas. This is much a pick of protest for the overall lack of support for the undefeated Frogs as anything else. I also like South Carolina against Florida. I think the eight points are enough against the streaky Gators. Speaking of streaky, I look for Oklahoma State to break their losing streak against Iowa State. The game we are going to does not have a point spread to bet against so I am treating it as a pick’em. I am all in on the Bearkats this weekend. Other thoughts for this week.

  • Ohio State is a 40 point favorite against Indiana and I don’t they will have a problem covering
  • I wanted to keep riding the Liberty train, but they are playing a hot (sort of) UConn. It was just enough to keep me away.
  • I also liked Ole Miss getting twelve against Alabama, but I am afraid Alabama is going to be hungry for this game
  • American has two teams in top twenty and they play each other. I think Tulane will beat UCF but it will be very close.

That’s all I have got, enjoy the games,


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