Week 3

This week, I am taking the short trip up to College Station to see the Aggies host the Lobos. It won’t add to my totals as I have been to A&M a couple of times already. However, I need the tailgate practice before I head off to Norman, Oklahoma next week. The Aggies should roll, but more on that later. First, let’s take a look at last week’s picks.

Always bet against Cakes. That’s what I was thinking when I picked UConn and their 34 points against Purdue. It was my fault for chasing attention dollars with a DC sports talk radio show. On the plus side, I went undefeated for the other games. I was not that impressed with Ohio State when I saw them play Minnesota. I did think they would beat Oregon, but I didn’t think they would cover. When I found out Oregon had a couple of defensive starters out for the game, I got worried, but the Ducks looked good in their outright win. I was confident on both Houston and Michigan and they did not disappoint. Rice has that nice new addition on their stadium and I can’t help but feel it is a little wasted. I don’t know what to make of the Huskies. All I know is that they have problems.

Some other random thoughts from last week:

  • Texas gets handled by Arkansas – an early welcome to the SEC. And, the Razorbacks are one of the weaker SEC teams
  • Fla State – just make the tackle on that final play and it is all over. 27.5 point favorite and they lose to Jackson State. Seminoles are back in my doghouse
  • Notre Dame – skates by, but sometimes that’s what it takes. Likewise¬† for Miami against App State. Same for Texas A&M against Colorado
  • Don’t know how good Tennessee is, but it still felt like a good win by Pitt on the road
  • Is Ole Miss for real? I still don’t know
  • Taking care of business – PSU had no look ahead for Auburn
  • Congrats to Stanford for the big win over USC. It feels better when the Cardinal is relevant.
  • The Hokies looked good. So did the Hawkeyes. It seems every time I watch Iowa State play they don’t seem to show up.

The picks should be getting easier by week three, but it doesn’t feel that way. I blame it on too many cupcakes and we still have one more week of this to go. Here’s the lowdown on my picks.

  • I seem to recall seeing Louisville play on a side screen in my game room and my recollection is that they were awful. I think UCF covers even though they are at Louisville.
  • Was really surprised that the line on the Va Tech vs WVU game was only 3. I was even more surprised that the Mountaineers were the favorites. Morgantown isn’t that far from Blacksburg. I like the Hokies in this one.
  • I always like to pick the game that I will be at. The Aggies are favored by 29.5 over the Lobos. However, the Lobos are 2 – 0 and A&M will be playing with a back up QB. The Hokies will roll, but maybe not by 30.
  • My last bet is an emotional hedge, but I also wasn’t that impressed with PSU against Wisconsin. I am going to take Auburn and the five points. I want the Nittany Lions to win, but it is going to be a tight one.

There’s also a little game down in Gainesville that should be interesting. Or at least I hope it is interesting. I think we have all had enough of Alabama rolling through the SEC and then winning the national title. I respect the excellence, but please anyone but Bama this year.

That’s all I got so don’t forget to check out the just published Wisconsin review.