Week 3 – High and Dry

Nothing of note on the picture above, other than I managed to get a shot of Forrest Gump junior while at Troy. He was quite taken with Buster by the way. Deciding not to go to the U of H game was a good idea. The Coogs rolled over the Arizona Wildcats and their potential Heisman candidate, Khalil Tate. Tate has been struggling mightily as of late and I hope he gets his mojo back before I see him play in November. However, a Saturday trip to Kyle Field to see the Aggies would have been worth sitting in the rain. A&M acquitted themselves well despite the loss to Clemson. My other random thoughts from week 2.

  • The Nebraska vs Colorado game may have been the best of day. My only issue was that I needed the Huskers to win. There’s no way the Nebraska vs Michigan game in a couple weekend is scheduled for anything but one in the afternoon. That means a long drive from Champagne very early on Saturday to make the tailgating at the Big House. Editor’s note: It was confirmed, noon kickoff. Great.
  • It was nice to see Kentucky beat Florida in Gainesville especially when everyone on Game Day, except Herbstreit, gave them no chance to win.
  • The same goes for Kansas ending their 46 game, road losing streak. How could a program be that bad for that long?
  • So far, so good for Herm Edwards as Arizona State. Looking forward to seeing him and the Sun Devils later in the year.
  • I am convinced that Florida State would have lost to Samford if their stud defensive lineman Ahmad Gooden wasn’t ejected for a helmet to helmet hit. It was the right call but a shame because he was just tearing up FSU.

Thoughts for this week:

  • I was looking at the SI preseason top 20, I don’t any of those teams have eliminated themselves from FBS playoff contention. Fla State is on the edge, but if they ran the table, I think they would have chance to make the playoffs still. However, UCF was on the list also. Based on their weak schedule, even if they went undefeated, I don’t think they would get in.
  • Lots of games to be cancelled this weekend due to Hurricane Flo. Hopefully it includes Old Dominion at Charlotte. Nobody wants to see that dreck
  • I wonder if Old Miss has a chance against Alabama. I doubt it.
  • LSU versus Auburn looks to be my big screen game for Saturday afternoon.
  • How is USC #22 in the AP Poll? They looked absolutely awful against Stanford.

New review posted this week: Troy. Definitely not t-shirt worthy, but the hat did make the wall. Stay dry and enjoy the games this week.