Week 13 – Rivalry Week

Of course, it is Thanksgiving but even better, it is Rivalry week. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. The traditions, the trophies, and the “plain old hate” make this a great week to watch football. It does not, however, make it a great week to pick games. I know it is a cliché to say throw out the records, but it isn’t completely inaccurate either. Thankfully, my 2 – 2 weekend ensures I will finish over .500 this year. It won’t be by much mind you, but it is always a positive to be above the line for the year.

UConn should have been a push, but they just fell apart at the end. I couldn’t find the Va Tech – Liberty game anywhere on my tv, even with all the sports channels I get. Not surprising, given how bad the Hokies have played this year. I will happily lose the pick to see them end their season on a high note. Their game against Virginia has been, appropriately, cancelled following the Va shooting tragedy. Wyoming didn’t beat Boise State but they should have. They did easily cover though. I had already written off Colorado State as a loss when I went to bed after the UCLA – USC game. I was pleasantly surprised Sunday morning when I saw they covered. Some other thoughts for the last weekend:

  • I told you last week that by both Ohio State and Michigan had trap games on hand with Maryland and Illinois respectively. Michigan, in particular, almost botched that game but continuing to run risky plays after they were safely in field goal range.
  • Stayed up for the USC – UCLA game. It was worth it.
  • I had IU vs MSU on a side tv and was shocked to see the Big Ten network cut away from the OT to go to the snoozer Rutgers – PSU game. Unbelievable.
  • I don’t know what was more surprising – that South Carolina whupped Tennessee or that their coach, Josh Heupel, felt he needed to wear all baby blue instead Volunteer Orange to be seen on the sideline.
  • UNC had a tough loss against Georgia Tech. Their wide open receiver drops the winner in the end zone, and then their defense can’t make a stop to get the offense the ball back.

Last weekend of picks and I am going with a lot of underdogs. Wyoming is getting 15 points against Boise State. We had a great time watching the Cowboys beat Tulsa in OT earlier this year. They showed a lot of pluck in that game so I like to take them whenever they are getting double digit points. South Carolina smacked Tennessee all over the place last weekend, and they are still getting 14.5 points against Clemson. I think they can hang. I am relying on their rivalry with Alabama to keep Auburn motivated enough to stay within 22 points of the Crimson Tide. The only favorite I am picking this week is USC over Notre Dame. It felt like the Trojans could score at will last weekend against UCLA. I don’t think the Fighting Irish are going to be able to hang with that firepower. Some other random thoughts for the weekend.

  • Michigan – Ohio State is obviously the big game. Honestly, the best result for the Big Ten would be for the game to end up with a 35 – 31 and then both could make the argument that they both belong in the playoff. Of course, they shouldn’t. Winner stays, loser goes home. Note to Buckeyes and Wolverines, your playoffs start on Saturday
  • How about that Wake Forest vs Duke is actually a relevant game this year. Not crazy relevant, but still an interesting game.
  • I am kind of pulling for Oregon State vs Oregon. The Ducks are three point favorites, but it feels like they are going to win by more than that.
  • The game that only a mother could love this week is New Mexico at Colorado State. Both teams are 2 – 9. They should be paying folks to see this game.

That’s all I got, enjoy the games and the turkey.



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