Week 1, Here we go!

A Somanystadiums.com Rematch

I was updating some of my stadium stats this week, and I realized that I saw this exact same game last year at WSU. It was not planned, but I guess it isn’t surprising when you go to ten or more games a year. This game is a vacation wrap around. We hit this game on Saturday, then drive through Wyoming to visit Yellowstone for a few days and then wrap it up next week in Boise. It will be a lot of driving, but we are looking forward to it. CSU is trying to sell out the stadium, but right now tickets are still fairly plentiful. We did buy a parking pass, so my buddy Pete and I will be tailgating. I have set up a Tailgate in our platform if you want to join us.

I think the biggest thing on my mind, other than our weak tailgate, is the risk of Covid. It sounds like it is making a summer run (see U.S. Open). I haven’t gotten a booster yet, and last year I am pretty sure I got Covid at the Colorado game. I would like to avoid that repeat. I hate to do it, but I may have to mask up in the stadium. It isn’t that I am against the vax, but my Dr. recommended waiting until the fall. Hmmm.

I am glad I didn’t bet last week…

Last weekend would have been a debacle if I was betting. Who knew Jacksonville State would beat UTEP along with UMass beating New Mexico State? Then USC didn’t cover against San Jose State. Ouch. I probably would have got the Notre Dame right. I know that game is all about tradition, but it is a tall task for Navy. The one thing I was right about was the FIU – Louisiana Tech battle. That game was a good one.

This week’s picks:

  • I don’t love my Utah mainly because I just flipped on this game while writing this post. That is a sure recipe for a loss.
  • Franklin’s teams tend to start slow, I think the Nittany Lions win but don’t cover in a kinda rivalry game.
  • Old Dominion tends to play up, way up for the Hokies. Another game where the home team wins but does not cover.
  • Taking WSU is a bit of an emotional hedge. Since we are going to be at the game, I will be pulling for the Rams. I think WSU wins in this one, probably big, but I won’t be disappointed with a Ram upset despite losing my wager.

Other random observations:

  • The game you don’t want to see live: Louisiana Tech at SMU in a noon kick. I hope you like sitting on the surface of the sun, because that game is going to be hot.
  • Welcome back to the real world UMass: Auburn is going to be a little tougher than New Mexico State.
  • Skip the tailgate: UTSA at Houston is a 7pm kick, but it will be too hot for tailgating. It is the kind of game I would go to in Houston, where I’d have a couple cold ones in a nice air-conditioned bar near the stadium, then wander over.
  • Are you sure you want to leave the ACC?: Lots of talk about the Seminoles flirting with the SEC, let’s see how they do against the Tigers of LSU in Orlando. This game also begs the question, will Walt Disney World be selling “Big Ass Beers” for all the Cajuns that will undoubtedly be hitting the Magic Kingdom this weekend.

That’s all I got, enjoy the games!

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