To watch or not to watch

First, some observations from Week Three

Baylor gets another drubbing. They are officially the cubs until further notice.

With a loss to San Diego State and a beat down from Mississippi State respectively, Stanford and LSU, you ain’t what you used to be, or at least it seems that way.

Why I don’t go to Vegas: foolishly thinking Pitt and SMU could be trap games for Oklahoma State and TCU.

Not to mention, I had K-State as a dark horse to win the Big 12 and they go ahead and lose to Vandy.

Ok, Houston Chronicle now you can say UT is turning it around. Despite the loss at USC, the Longhorns’ play was inspired.

My last note on last week is related to the NFL. Congrats to Joe Thomas of the Cleveland Browns who now has over 10,000 consecutive snaps. As a Steelers fan, I have no love of the Brownies, but Thomas is truly an Iron Man.

Where we are at this week: The NOVA

As in Northern Virginia, to move my son into his new apartment. Unfortunately, I have already picked up every stadium within 300 miles of DC. I certainly wouldn’t mind heading over to Maryland to see UCF take on the Terps or Cincinnati tackle Navy. Alas, the wife would surely nix that.

It’s actually a good weekend to not watch. You’d think with conference play opening up it would be different. There are a lot of games that might have been worth watching in previous years, but not so this year. With Stanford, Baylor, and Missouri all down, some traditional match ups are lackluster. Perhaps that is why ESPN is heading to Times Square of all places for Game Day. Yoi and double Yoi, I won’t be watching that either

With apologies to PSU at Iowa, Mississippi State at Georgia and TCU at Ok State, might I suggest you take the first week of fall to catch up on the honey do list and put some money in the old Spouse Savings and Loan for a big game, err rainy day.