Time for some melon?

Last week the slate of games looked so good that I decided to skip heading up the Dallas to see Houston play SMU. Of course, that game turned out to be a pretty good one and an upset. Meanwhile, back in my man cave, most of the games I watched ended up being duds.

  • Revenge of the Nerds: Michigan continues to roll. I pointed out last week that PSU could very well be a game below 500. The game at Michigan illustrates that the Nittany Lions are only slightly better than most.
  • Holy Sh*t: As predicted, Notre Dame struggled against Northwestern. I have to admit that is the kind of game that great teams find a way to win.
  • Stop the Hype: Also as predicted, Georgia had no problem with Kentucky. Now, maybe the SEC hype machine will give us some “Benny Snell” relief. His mug is plastered all over the place on Saturday mornings. I do not deny that the Cat can play some ball. It was just too much coverage.
  • Thank you BIG 12. The Oklahoma versus Texas Tech and West Virginia at Texas were the highlights of the weekend. I particularly enjoyed the West Virginia game. There was an article in SI about the Mountaineer QB, Will Grier, and the story about his one year suspension was illuminating.
  • Roll Damn Tide. I have a hard time getting worried about the other three teams in the FBS playoff because the Tide is just so much better than everyone else.

No travels for me this weekend which is a bit unfortunate. The games this week are good but not great.

  • Welcome to the Circus: The inconsistent ACC struck early this week with the Wake Forest upset of N.C. State. If the Coastal stays true to form, Va Tech will beat the Pitt Panthers casting the division into further disarray. The winner, of course, will get the honor of a very public beating at the hands of the Clemson Tigers.
  • Little Ten: Ohio State versus Michigan State doesn’t quite have the luster of Ohio State versus Michigan which is still a couple of weeks away,
  • Can we skip the SEC championship? Mississippi State plays Alabama on Saturday. The only way the Bulldogs win this game is if Saban wants them to. Why should ‘Bama want to lose this game? I am fully convinced a one loss Crimson Tide still gets into the playoffs. So there’s only downside to playing in the SEC championship.
  • What’s the opposite of Bedlam? Tranquility?: I don’t think Oklahoma State has the fire power to match up with Oklahoma. It would be nice to see a competitive game, but I fear a blow out is imminent.

The more I look at it, the more it appears that Saturday may be a background day. That’s a day when you put the games on in the background and get something else done. Time for the lowliest of the melon family: Honey-do’s anyone?