Things that got us thru in 2022

“Tailgates funded by the Industrial – Military complex”, the ribbon of covid germs and the sweet smoke of Mary Jane floating above the Buffalo student section, rental car downgrades, shared sun screen, free bobble heads, “The top of the mountain is just around the bend”, well-traveled dormitory beds, “It never rains this hard in Colorado Springs – well, I only need to make it until halftime”, $10 seatbacks, not dancing with “Ruthie” at the Wrangler, an awkward representative of the Idaho Liquor Control Board, free meatballs, being on the President’s drink list, huckleberry syrup, 100 miles of windmills, “It’s a dry heat”, the whitest place in America, “Why would anyone steal a sign?”, Engineering lab restrooms, Utes mom’s sneaking ‘pre-game, get me through this game’ fireball shot, the mother-in-law suite, banned pumpkin spice air freshener, euchre tutorials, a little whiskey, “Give me 15 minutes, I will be back up and ready to go”, the pessimistic Hoosier fan, a happy birthday serenade from 54 pairs of ripped jeans, “No, I think those girls really like us”, cornhole for cash, gas station po’ boys, unlimited spaces at SHS tailgates, Bearkat Band march-by’s, and friends who know how to represent.

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