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Game Review: Richmond Spiders vs Virginia Cavaliers 9/4/2010

Final Score: Richmond 10 Virginia 34Richmond at UVA 09042010 Ticket

Weather: Warm & Sunny; Ticket Price $18

“UVA very impressive, UVA Football eh” by Tree

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UVA Matt

This game was part of a late summer weekend trip to UVA, kicking off our start of the college campus tours for our then junior and sophomore sons. It was an early season game against a lower tier component, DI-AA Richmond Spiders. Accordingly, the school was offering one of those family four packs – 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas for like $80. It was a bargain I could not pass up. I thought the seats weren’t bad, end zone but a little high up. My wife would characterize them as nose bleed. Although they are the Cavaliers, UVA alums also go by Wahoos or shortened to Hoos. They also had a guy dressed up as a Cavalier riding around on a horse. UVA is one of those old southern schools that have that tradition of “guys in ties” and “girls in pearls”. I did see some of that at the game, but not as much as I thought I would. The campus tour guide seemed to be proud of that particular tradition, but I always thought that kind of thing was goofy. Especially after the game, when shirt was un-tucked and the tie was stained.

The Logistics:

UVA is in Charlottesville, a nice college town a couple hours south of DC. The campus is a bucolic setting that undoubtedly made Jefferson proud. Unfortunately, I cannot remember much about getting to the school. It was a hectic weekend where we also hit William & Mary and Mary Washington, so it all kind of ran together. I do recall that we managed to park in a building on campus for free and then make a long walk to the stadium. I am sure the parking was free because we were there for a student tour.

The Game:

This was UVA’s home opener and I guess they were tired of losing them (they had lost their last four opening games) because they scheduled the D-I AA Richmond Spiders. It almost backfired as the Spiders kept it close until the mid-point of the 3rd quarter. And then as is often the case, the smaller lower division team ran out of gas and UVA ran away with it.

Personal Notes:

UVA’s stadium struck me as fairly pedestrian. I also have in the back of my mind that the fans were engaged and practiced a number unique cheers and traditions during the game. It is a shame I can’t remember them. The experience itself was pleasant enough and it did not have the snobbish vibe I thought it might have had. But to be honest, the school and its academic tradition are really what UVA is all about. The Cavalier program is middling at best. The school, on the other, hand is very impressive. With Monticello right around the corner, a weekend visit to UVA would make for a relaxing side trip from DC. If the football team happens to be playing that weekend and the tickets can be had on the cheap (or better yet a family pack), the game might be a relaxing diversion.

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