Colorado Buffaloes vs. Oregon Ducks (13), Date 10/11/2019, Time 7:05pm

Final Score: Oregon 45 – Colorado 3, Attendance: 50,529

Weather: Scattered Clouds, 55; Ticket: $50 StubHub, Shuttle: $5

Review: “It never rains in Autzen” by Tree

The Site:

The Ducks play at Autzen Stadium. As this was a Friday night game, I did not get to tailgate. Instead, I drove to a mall parking lot not too far from the stadium and grabbed a $5 shuttle over to the game. I cut it too close and missed the first touchdown of the game. From what I could see going in, the tailgating looked fairly robust. I saw cash parking lots for $40. I did note a large area filled with bicycles which was just the first of many reminders that I was in Oregon. I paid $50 for my ticket on Stubhub, but I came across scalpers with tickets at $20. Security was fairly lax and I thought it would be easy to bring in a flask. My seat was at the top of the end zone facing the mammoth scoreboard. There were enough open seats that I was able to sit considerably lower in the stands.

The concessions were standard but I did not partake other than picking up a pretty good looking souvenir cup. They sold both beer and wine as well. While the stadium was 90% full, with the vast majority sporting green and yellow, there did not seem to be lots of notable traditions. I didn’t hear any coordinated cheers, but the stadium was loud. They did play “Twist and Shout” at the end of the third quarter and the whole crowd danced along. I am fairly sure I recall a cheer that ends with “we’re gonna beat the sh*t out of you”, but my notes are a bit cryptic so I can’t be entirely clear that is correct. They did do a light show where they left little pen lights on each seat. They then had the crowd use them in a light show. The only thing that didn’t make sense was that they never turned off the lights which made for a less than exciting light show. The trademark slogan for the stadium is “It never rains at Autzen”. The Ducks fans I spent time with swear it is true. The Beaver fans I met the following day disagreed vehemently.

The Logistics:

The University of Oregon is in Eugene. It was an easy two hour drive from Portland. The rainy season doesn’t start until November, so the weather was beautiful as was the landscape. It is so breathtaking that it gives you another reason to come see the Ducks. I stayed in an Airbnb where I had a single bed and shared a bathroom with four other guests. With the addition of 24 hour access to a yoga room, my Portlandia experience was complete.

The Game:

I had fears coming in that Colorado at three and three was in no shape to play head to head with the one loss Ducks. Unfortunately that was true. It started out promising enough. The Ducks drove right down and scored, but the Buffs immediately answered with their own long drive. They ended up only with a field goal, but it was a solid answer. Sadly, it was the only answer that Colorado had. It was all Ducks after that. It was 24 – 3 at the half and the game finished at 45 – 3. Typically when you think of Oregon, you think offense. The Ducks offense was good but the Oregon defense was the real star of this show. There were no fumbles but the Ducks had four interceptions. All night, they were picking and grinning. This game was never in doubt after the first quarter.

Personal Notes:

It is not hard to like the experience at Autzen. The stadium looks good and the football is generally high quality. There was not as much tradition as I thought there would be. My notes say something about a funny bit about a noise machine, but I can’t remember anything more. That may be due to the smell of weed wafting through the stadium for much of the second half. Regardless, seeing the Ducks play is a good time. It is certainly worth incorporating into a trip to the great Northwest. However, I can’t say it is must see. I would leave that distinction to their track and field stadium, Hayward Field.

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