Seasons Beatings!

I have passed on the Bowl Game preview this year after I went 1 -3 in my first four picks. I am slowly working through my year-end summary, but that always take some time. I did, however, update the SI Wall Calendar for December. Some of the more notable covers this month are as follows.


It’s not so much the cover on this one, but rather the headline at the top that says “How the Browns learned to win.” Fairly ironic when one considers how bad that franchise has been the last few years.

I try to put up covers of teams that are relevant now. I pulled covers for Ohio State and Auburn thinking they were in the playoffs. Only after I took photos of the covers did I remember that they were but not in the current, poorly designed process. Although Auburn doesn’t belong after losing to Georgia, I guess I keep thinking of them as contender after the beat down they gave ‘Bama.

When I got last week’s SI cover on the current rash of injuries, it looked familiar. Sure enough, they did a similar story in 1992. Despite all the rule changes to eliminate dangerous contact, the injuries continue except we know how much worse the head trauma really is.

Unbelievably, the only cover I have for December 31st is one with Bill Belichick’s mug superimposed on a Santa suit. Given that the Patriots got away with grand larceny against the Steelers last week. I won’t be posting that cover on the site. Instead, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year along with Happy Holidays as well.

See you in the New Year,