Rolling with the Punches

Last weekend was as hectic as it gets. Friday night I was in Champagne, IL watching the Illini put up a good fight, for a half at least, against the Nittany Lions. I then drove over half the night to get ready for a noon kickoff at Michigan. Nebraska may have disappointed me, but not the Big House. The fan experience at Michigan is fantastic and we will have the review out next week. In the meantime, enjoy the Illini review because it may be the only thing enjoyable about Illinois. Okay so it’s not Duke, but it could have been much better than it was. Other random observations from last week

  • Since the Hokies game against East Carolina was cancelled, I guess they had to find someone else to upset them. Hello ODU.
  • Nebraska is bad, just plain bad.
  • Just when I decide to bury the Terps, they climb back out of the basement, beating everyone’s sleeper of 2018, the Minnesota Golden Gophers
  • I wonder if Hawaii paid for Duquesne’s Tavel and Expenses
  • Virginia is 3-1? I would have never guessed

So where are we this week. The plan was to head to Colorado to see UCLA take on the Buffs and then up to Laramie to see Wyoming host Boise. However, every once and a while sh*t happens. Accordingly, I had to cancel my trip. It is hardly the end of the world, particularly when OSU at PSU is on Saturday night. Here are my thoughts for this week.

  • West Virginia plays Texas Tech at 11am CST. 50 points before noon? It’s a possibility
  • The afternoon games don’t move me much, partly because the SEC is a world of haves and haves nots.
  • The evening games however are a bonanza of exciting match ups
    • Always enjoy a white out in Happy Valley
    • Stanford vs Notre Dame in the battle of the overrated
    • Even BYU at Washington has promise on Saturday night
    • Virgina Tech will bounce back against Duke ?!?

That’s all I got. Reviews for Illinois and Michigan coming very soon.