Resting on our laurels

Another week at home for us, in a week that isn’t nearly as appealing as the previous one. It will be a chance to catch up on some “honey-do’s” and gear up for the second half of the season. Perhaps, I will finally figure out a way to clean the grill when on the road. I love my Honda Element, but the smell of hamburger grease is brutal on the long rides home. Almost as brutal as watching¬†Penn State lose to Ohio State. When I walked out to help out my wife, PSU was cruising. I come back into the Man Cave and they are down by one. I know this. I wouldn’t have taken the ball out of McSorely’s hands.

Other random thoughts on this past weekend.

  • Tiger trouble: Clemson survives and advances but they can’t feel too good about their current situation.¬†
  • TIMBER: Not at all surprised ND smoked Stanford. The Cardinal had been playing on borrowed time.
  • Wait, it’s not basketball season: Kentucky is 5-0!?!
  • Poopie PA: Rough week for Pennsylvania football. Pitt, PSU, Temple, Steelers and Eagles all lose.
  • Mountain Mama: WVU is 4 – 0, but getting little to no love in the polls.
  • Tanking: How do you know your team’s season is over? When the SID starts pitching the “Family Four Packs” emails. I got my first one from FSU this week. Start thinking about next year Seminole fans.

And for this weekend:

  • Alabama visits Arkansas and it could get ugly, really ugly – like the Wal-Mart fall fashion line ugly.
  • LSU at Florida: The Gators are going to have to prove it to me that they belong in the Top 25.
  • If I was in Boca, I would definitely drop the $5 to FAU host Old Dominion. It could be a fun game to watch.
  • Enter Sandman: I don’t know if the Hokies can hang with the Irish, but I know Lane Stadium will be rocking Saturday night. Really wish I was going to be there, but I will be in South Band for the rematch in 2019.
  • Lastly, is there an alum from Stephen F. Austin or Sam Houston on the ESPN website staff? They are definitely not FBS teams.

Lastly the Big House is all that and a bag chips. Check out the review here. It is a good one.