I need you – for ODU!

We highlight that our ODU tailgate might be a lonely one. We also review our College Football picks from last week and the upcoming week.

Should it be this hard?

Since we have moved to the Hampton Roads area, I have decided to revisit ODU. It isn’t far from me and it will give me a chance to refresh my tailgating skills. What I am finding is that while it is easy to set up the tailgate, finding folks who want to join me isn’t. We are new to this area so I haven’t had much of a chance to build up a new crew of locals to hit games with me. I know ODU isn’t as big a draw as the Hokies or the Hoos, but I thought I’d be able to at least scrape together four or five guys to join me. It is not too late, but I am going to have to beat the bushes to make this tailgate a success. Of course, it won’t be the first time for a very small tailgate, and it won’t be the last. Sometimes, that’s how it goes when you are hitting them all.

My picks: Boise State – a missed opportunity

Boise was a great time last weekend. There’s much to like about hanging with the Broncos beyond the Blue Field. We will post a full review later this week, but spoiler alert, it is a must see.

Last week wasn’t a bad week for me. Liberty covered against New Mexico State, although the Aggies hung around a little longer than I would liked. Deion’s Buffs continue to shine brighter than his gold necklaces and App State damn near beat UNC again. Both of those games were comfortable wins. It all came down to the Boise State game which I was attending. It was a great one that came down to the wire but the Bronco’s could not pull it out. Unfortunately for me, I had to leave in late in the third quarter for reasons I will mention in that review later this week. To add insult to injury, I forgot sportsbook betting in Idaho is not legal so I couldn’t get my bets in. Doh!

Other observations from Week 2

  • No major cupcake upsets, but Albany did give Hawaii a run for their money – like I thought they would. JMU beat UVA, but they were the favorites. Maybe UVA was the cupcake in that one?
  • Does Nevada know that Idaho dropped down to the FCS a few years ago? Losing 33-6 at home against a lower division team? It is going be a long year for the Wolf Pack.
  • The Bay Area had a particularly poor showing this weekend. USC destroyed Stanford and Cal absolutely gave one away against Auburn. If the Bears had any kind of kicking game, the SEC would have taken another loss this weekend.
  • Speaking of SEC losses, how about them Horns beating the Tide, in Bama no less. Lap up to the coast Tide, lap up.

This week’s picks

I am fairly confident that Wake Forest will roll over Old Dominion. I hope not since I am going to the game, but I have to be realistic. Like I said, I am riding the Prime Train until it stops. Someone told me Missouri is bad and that’s enough for me. Lastly, I keep waiting for Nebraska to turn it around – a visit from NIU should help. Other thoughts for this week:

  • It is still cupcake season out there. I can’t wait for conference play to start
  • I guess the big game this weekend is Pitt at WVU. There was a time when this rivalry had national playoff implications. Now, it is just about how many couches will get lit on fire in Morgantown.
  • Minnesota at UNC might be a good game to watch. Undoubtedly, you will hear about how beautiful Kenan Stadium is. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice stadium, but there are plenty just as nice.
  • Does anyone think it is a bold move for ‘Bama to go on the road to play South Florida? If they go to Boone to play App State, that would be a bold move.

That’s all I got – Enjoy the games.

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