Double Down

ark-ga-tex-appLast week I was in San Jose, watching the Spartans get a hard fought win over the UNLV Rebels. It was my third week in a row and I finally got a close game after seeing four blowouts in a row. Plus, I got to spend some time with family and old friends so it was a very good weekend. The week started off well with a tight game between Pitt and Virginia Tech. The Hokies have to be kicking them about that loss to the Orange. The rest of the weekend saw a lot of undefeated teams lose on the road. Nebraska, Baylor, WVU and Boise all bit the dust. Louisville and Clemson managed to escape with nail biter wins. It makes you think the ACC representative for the playoffs may be the weakest representative for the FBS. I have already assumed that the clown conference called the Big 12 won’t get a team in.

The MAC starts their annual desperate grab for air time with games on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Of the three games scheduled, Toledo vs Akron would be the one to watch, but really is anyone going to tune into to that game when the World Series is on? This week really doesn’t have a marquee game. I know Gameday is going to be at Baton Rouge for LSU versus ‘Bama . That game could be intriguing, but it could also be the Tide crushing the Tigers. The Big 10 has a couple of interesting games, Nebraska at OSU and Iowa at Penn State. The ACC matchups of Georgia Tech vs North Carolina and Pitt vs Miami also have some potential. However the most intriguing games may involve the Military Academies where all the teams are having solid years. Air Force and Army are both 5 – 3 and play with real commander cup implications for the first time in years. Navy plays Notre Dame and, by all accounts, should be favored. As for me, I have my one and only double weekend of the year. First, I see the Red Wolves of Arkansas State take on the Panthers of Georgia State. This game should be a competitive one. My second game on Saturday is likely to be a beating. I have seen the Texas State Bobcats play once already this year, and I don’t think they can hang with Appalachian State, especially on the road. Of course, it beats the hell out of mowing the lawn, shoveling mulch or raking leaves.