Coming out of hibernation 2022

And we’re back.

As much as I love the college football season, I always enjoy my annual winter hibernation. While I would never call it a grind, I do need a period of downtime to rest after the season and re-populate the time “bank” with my wife. She is generally supportive of this crazy journey, but only to a point. That’s one reason why I almost never go to Bowl Games. There’s not a lot of currency left in the Matrimonial Savings and Loan at the end of the season.

That being said, I have already outlined my 2022 season. This is much earlier than usual mainly because I really want to focus on the Mountain West, that is to say anything west of the Mississippi and east of the Rockies. I do have some outliers, but that’s the primary focus. It is a season that requires some serious logistical planning and alignment with friends and family.

Other than that my offseason has been about contemplating why the SoManyStadiums facebook page is so popular with Indian programmers. I seem to pick about 8 -10 followers from India a week. Okay, so I know why they are following. They love college football in Mumbai.

Upcoming offseason topics include playoff expansion, NILs, and a different perspective on hitting all the stadiums.

That’s all I’ve got. Hibernation makes me hungry. Gotta get fed before I dish out the good stuff.