Charlotte’s Web

odu-unccI am off to Charlotte, North Carolina to see the Monarchs of Old Dominion take on the 49ers. With ODU coming in at 2 – 2 and UNCC sitting at 1-3, it is not exactly a battle of titans. I, however, thought I saw a silver lining in the Louisville – Clemson game that night. I figured my son and I would catch the UNCC game in the afternoon and then make the quick two hour drive to Clemson for the night game. Alas, the 49er’s kickoff at 6pm, leaving us trapped in Charlotte, like a fly in a web. Here’s hoping another slaughter is avoided and we get a great game between the Monarchs and 49ers.

Some observations from last week:

  • I did think that Ol’ Miss would upset Georgia, but I also thought Tennessee was underrated, USF would give FSU a game, and Army would be 4 – 0. This is why I don’t got to Vegas.
  • Tulane 41 La Lafayette 39, 4 OTs and the best game no one saw last week.
  • How in the world did CMU lose to Virginia?
  • Ouch – Stanford covers the spread on a goofy, last second scoop and score that had no bearing on the game.
  • Notre Dame 1 – 3. The Texas win loses some shine with that one.
  • Sad day at PSU, when their highlight player is their kicker and not for kicking field goals.
  • No Les, No more.

And for this week:

  • Louisville vs Clemson – A three versus a five, it should be great.
  • Wisconsin vs Michigan – Just the start of a very rough road for the plucky Badgers.
  • Tough away game for the Utah Utes, but more credibility if they beat the Bears.
  • Stub Hub seats for $12 to see FAU (1-3) vs FIU (0-4). Still too high.