And away we go!

Well, sort of…

The college football season kicks off this weekend with a slate of seven, um, sort of, good games? Navy goes to Notre Dame in Dublin, in a game that will probably be only competitive for a half. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see the Midshipmen beat the Irish, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Speaking of betting, you may have noticed I don’t have picks for this week. After all, who would want to bet on the dumpster fire game of UMass vs New Mexico State (for the record, I actually had a great time with the Aggies). The other games this weekend are not much to write about either.

  • Jacksonville State makes its FBS debut against UTEP. Meh
  • The kids from Ohio get a great opener, going to San Diego – that is a nice trip considering that if classes have even started, the first week is basically “read the syllabus”.
  • It is nice to see USC playing another west coast team in San Jose State. There, unfortunately, won’t be much of that going forward as conference realignment destroys regional interest and rivalries (not that the Spartans are a rival to the Trojans).
  • Hawai’i at Vanderbilt. Hard game for the Warriors in the base case, but even worse considering the wildfire tragedy in their home state
  • The best game of the week may be FIU at Louisiana Tech. It isn’t because they are expected to be great this year, but both teams were bottom of the cellar in Conference USA. Each of them need to get off to a good start.

Here’s the real reason why I have no picks this week

The real reason I haven’t made picks is that we, at Somanystadiums, have been very busy getting our Tailgating Reservation system set up. After years of frustration in trying to find locals to hang out with, we decided to do something about it.

Behold the Tailgating Community!

You can list, book or request Tailgates

The possibilities are endless:

  • Do you host a great Tailgate? Show your pride and share it with others. Listing a tailgate is easy and you can highlight what makes your spot great. You can even recoup some of that pricey annual parking pass cost!
  • Looking for a Tailgate? Browse our Tailgates to find one that meets your specifications – whether you want to chill or party hard.
  • Don’t see a Tailgate where you need it? You can create a Wanted Tailgate – Letting others know you are looking for a spot.

It starts with College Football but..

  • We welcome listings anywhere you may Tailgate – FCS, DII, DIII, Pro Football, Lacrosse, heck – we hear that they even tailgate at Brewers baseball games.
  • There’s no cost to list a tailgate, and it is easy to do.
  • Use it to organize your disorganized group tailgates.

We need you

  • The more Hosts and Guests, the better this community of fans will be.
  • We are NOT in the business of selling your data and we will respect your privacy.
  • This about meeting new people, making tailgating more worthwhile for everyone, and having fun!


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