Week of 8/30/2013

Brief Update: Tulsa at Bowling Green

Tree picked up where he left off last season, knocking down a game on the opening day. By driving all the way from DC to Western Pa to Bowling Green and then back to Western Pa, he showed again that he’s got the chops to make this race a runaway.

Per Tree:

“Not a great game, but the evening was very enjoyable. It was also very cheap which is a bonus. I thought this game was going to be a blowout, but evidently the Tulsa offense did not get the memo. As is often the case, the guy sitting next to me was a great fan and gave some very good insight on Bowling Green and a certain quarterback from Texas A&M. All details in the review to be posted later in the week.”

The activity by the Shady Tree team did not go unnoticed in the race.  Pat and Momo are planning a strategy session to get back in the race. It didn’t take much for them re-evaluate their “busy” schedules.

 Where the we are this week:

Shady at Texas Kick Off in Houston watching Mississippi State vs Oklahoma State

Pat at Cowboys Classic in Dallas watch TCU vs LSU

Momo inactive.


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